Testing the COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM Preparation File (20/.05) in stimulated curved canals – Dr Sorin Campeanu

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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th April 2019

Dr Sorin Campeanu is an endodontist at Smile Centre Dental Practice in Nottingham. He recently tested the COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM Preparation File (20/.05) as a final file in simulated curved canals.


To find an endodontic file for safely and cost-effectively treating severely curved canals.

Curved canals are one of the most difficult canals to treat because of the risk of apical transportation, strip perforation, via falsa, ledging and instrument separation. New controlled memory alloy files (CM, EDM) with lower taper and greater cyclic fatigue resistance are now available to offer better root canal morphology preservation during root canal therapy. The Zone Technique and the use of pre-curved hand files are also mandatory.

Canal orifices were found and scouted with hand files. The K10 file was introduced gently to a point of resistance in each canal to determine the coronal and apical zones, and then the K15 followed. The coronal zone was prepared using the COLTENE HyFlexEDMOneFile (25/~). After this step, pre-curved K06 to K15 hand files were used in a watch-winding motion to working length, to obtain glide path. The rotary HyFlex™ EDM Preparation File (20/.05) was used to prepare the apical zone.

Copious irrigation with alcohol using a 30G round tip side vented needle and manual dynamic activation (MDA) followed. The experiment was repeated three times using the same protocol and no ledge was formed, no apical transportation or strip perforation was detected and no file separation occurred.


The COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM Preparation File (20/.05) is made of controlled memory alloy and it has an inactive tip and a low taper. These characteristics allow the file to preserve the morphology of the root canal very well, avoiding ledging and apical transportation while treating root canals with extreme curvatures. Also, the effectiveness of the file in removing simulated pulp tissue is very high. The file creates a preparation, which ensures good irrigant access in the apical third of the root canal for a G30 needle. Nothing remains but to try this file in vivo.

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