Why it’s important to look as good as the treatment you deliver – Anne McDonnell Managing Director of Diamond Designs

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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th June 2019

Inspiring, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating – these are just some of the words that you might use if anyone asks you what a ‘typical’ day in a dental practice is like.

Each day might be different, bringing with it a whole new set of unique challenges, but ultimately the dental team is constantly working towards one common goal; to deliver the very patient best care, every time. We may read a lot of negativity – we hear a lot about how stressed we are as a profession, for example – but if we focus on the positives we must recognise that modern dentistry is a truly exciting place to be right now. New tools, techniques, materials and equipment have made problems that once would have been impossible to solve, easy to overcome. Treatment lists have been expanded to include all kinds of aesthetic options, to give patients smiles that are as beautiful as they are healthy.

Often, walking into a dental practice is like walking into a high-end spa – a calm air of wellness has replaced the rather austere, intimidating clinics that many of us will remember from our first check-ups as children. Because treatment is evolving to give patients what they want – stable, healthy and stunning results – this isn’t style over substance. It’s about how the feel and look of a practice should reflect the high-quality, professional care being delivered. Branding is becoming more important. Forward-thinking practices are taking a leaf out of the books of successful consumer brands and seeing how things like a strong logo and consistent colour scheme lets patients know what they stand for and why they should choose them over a competitor.


Uniforms have to keep up with the changing times too. ‘Stylish’ isn’t how most dental practitioners would describe what they wear to work, but looking good is becoming more important. Modern and stylish uniforms complement the modern dental environment; uniforms are wrapped up in branding and the image your practice is trying to create. It is an old adage, but first impressions really do count because a patient’s experience does not begin in the chair; it begins the minute they walk through the door. When they see a team that looks professional, stylish and appropriate, wearing a uniform that has been selected with care, this immediately sets the correct tone.

There is psychology behind dressing well at work. On the most basic level, looking good makes you feel good and boosts self-confidence. This will have a knock-on positive effect on mood and pride in what you do. A well-dressed, confident dental team will also exude credibility, reassuring a nervous patient that they are in the very best hands. A team that is all dressed well, in a uniform that is both elegant and fit for purpose, shows integrity and efficiency. A uniform has a cohesive, bonding effect generally; it is a physical reminder that every single member of the dental team is equally important and has a key part to play in the patient’s treatment journey. This not only sends an important message to the patient, but also to prospective team members – that this is a practice that is willing to invest in them.

Of course, looking good is only half the story. The team also needs a uniform that can withstand the rigours of the working day. It must be robust and easy to wash. Comfort is key too, so you want to look for lightweight and breathable fabrics that allow dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses to move about easily. With the focus on branding, uniforms should be chosen in the practice’s colours to make everyone who works there instantly recognisable and give them a sense of identity – they are brand ambassadors, after all.

Sourcing new uniforms that tick all the boxes doesn’t have to be a headache. There are companies that are fully tuned in to what dental practitioners need from their uniforms and will work with your practice to find something that suits you. Diamond Designs Uniforms is a family-run company that has been supplying uniforms to the healthcare market for over 30 years. The collections include tunics constructed in luxury crepe and linen-look fabric, to more traditional items. Diamond Designs Uniforms is a also a distributor of the stunning Grey’s Anatomy Collection, popular with dentists in the US and now launching in the UK and Ireland.

Looking good at work isimportant. A dental team should wear uniforms that reflect brand identity, give a competent, approachable image and are comfortable and stylish. As well as being a way to reflect the high-quality treatment that patients will receive if they choose your practice, a great uniform will help you to get the very best out of every person who works there.


To find out more, visit: www.diamonddesignsuniforms.com,
0845 0800 576or email: 0845 0800 576


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