Want to offer your patients a premium alternative to metal RPDs? Solvay Dental 360 offers the perfect solution.

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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th June 2019

With a long history of innovation, industry leaders Solvay, have created a new high-performance polymer that is revolutionising dentistry. Ultaire®AKP has been custom-developed for the fabrication of removable partial dentures (RPDs) to bridge the gap between traditional metal and flexible frameworks and to offer patients a lightweight, metal-free alternative.

Designed in a digital workflow, Ultaire®AKP provides an accurate, customised fit that offers the support of a metal frame and the comfort of a flexible partial denture. The benefits of Ultaire®AKP are many as RPDs created with this innovative material are 60 per cent lighter than metal, biocompatible, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating and taste free. Patients enjoy the bone like feel and increased comfort of this material and as there are no visible metal clasps, RPDs made from Ultaire®AKP are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal frameworks.



Want to know more?

The Solvay Dental 360®team are ready and waiting to deliver a Professional Lunch and Learn session at your dental practice. As well as supplying a free lunch to everyone in attendance, industry experts will demonstrate the advantages of a digital workflow, introduce you to Ultaire®AKP and show you how to create paradigm-shifting RPDs.

The Solvay Dental 360®team comprises of enthusiastic professionals including:

Phillip Silver, UK Manager with decades of experience in the medical devices industry succeeds by introducingdigital techniques and Ultaire®AKPto dental laboratories and dental practices up and down the country.

Nathalie Mazur, Technical manageranddental technician, thrives at supporting dental technicians and dentists with the shift to full digital workflows.

Alison Woods, covers Scotland and has primary and secondary dental experience. She iseager to present Ultaire®AKP so that clinicians may improve quality of life of their patients.

Tracy McKnight, covering the Midlandsisfocused on broadening treatment options, simplifying workflows and managing solutions portfolios using her 25 years of experience and success.

Maxine Russell, covering the North has 20 years experience of digital solutions in the medical arena andis excited to be with Solvay Dental 360®at the forefront of innovation

and Tania Winters, covering the South West is an experienced dental professional that is keen to help drive dentistry forward with innovative new treatment options.

Take this opportunity to learn together, embrace technology and accelerate dentistry. This is your chance to increase patient satisfaction andadd a high-tech point of difference to your treatment portfolio. Don’t delay, lead the way and arrange your Lunch and Learn with Solvay Dental 360®now.


To book a Solvay Dental 360®Professional Lunch and Learn or to find more information about Ultaire®AKP and Dentivera®milling discs,
please visit www.solvaydental360.com


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