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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th July 2019

Due to significant advances in dental implantology and research, there is now a vast array of available options for treating edentulous patients. This has opened up many opportunities for patients seeking a solution that suits them – but are you confident that you are offering the best treatments for every patient?

Every case is unique

It’s been said time and time again, but it’s important to remember that every case is different and will raise a unique selection of challenges. There is no one glove fits all solution, and patients with varying degrees of edentulism will of course benefit from different treatments.

In light of this, it’s recommended that professionals explore restorative options as they gain experience and become more confident with implantology. This will allow them not only to treat both partial and complete edentulism more effectively, but it also means that professionals can give their patients more choice, finding solutions that will suit their needs and be within their means. After all, patient decisions are driven by a number of factors, all of which can make a big difference when it comes to treatment selection.

Money matters

Perhaps one of the most significant factors that influences which restorative solution a patient will choose is their personal finances. One study evaluating factors that affected patients’ willingness to invest in dental implants revealed that although 67% of people were willing to pay for treatment at a median price, this price differed in their perceptions depending on their financial earnings and gender.[i]As every patient list will be comprised of a diverse selection of individuals, all of whom will have different incomes and finances available to put towards dental treatments, this will heavily influence their perception of value.

By giving individuals a choice when it comes to restorative options, you can be sure to offer something that will achieve the desired outcome but still be within their spending potential. This is important as it means that you won’t alienate any of your patients, and, as they will appreciate the understanding of their needs, they are more likely to remain loyal to your practice.

Time is precious

We live in a fast paced world where time is very much of the essence. Due to this, it’s likely that patients will have time constraints that need to be adhered to, and these may very well affect their preference when it comes to selecting the type of implant surgery and restoration.

Whether they are unable to take extended time off due to work, or simply want a faster, more convenient solution, an in-depth conversation with them will help you to ascertain what they are looking for. This again raises the importance of being able to offer them multiple options, as patients may look elsewhere if they can’t find a treatment that suits their timescale with you.

Lifestyle needs

Another factor that may heavily influence treatment acceptance is how treatment will affect their lifestyle. Do they want a lasting, fixed solution, or are they more comfortable with a removable appliance? Are they concerned with function over esthetics or vice versa? By exploring different options with your patients and determining their preferences, you can suggest the treatment that will best fit with their daily routines and their expectations.

The longevity of solutions must also be discussed, as this is a significant aspect that could bear weight in the decision. Some patients may be happier with a more affordable, shorter-term solution to a problem rather than an expensive long-term answer, and this again will impact their final decision.

Keep informed

As all of these factors can significantly affect patient decisions and treatment acceptance, it’s important to ensure that your repertoire of restorative options is kept up to date. This way you will always be able to suggest a treatment that will suit your patients, no matter what their preferences and restrictions may be.

Fast, innovative and reliable, the Trefoil™ system from Nobel Biocare is a new restorative option for professionals to add to their armamentarium that will help you treat more patients, better. Implementing a pre-manufactured titanium bar that enables passive fit alongside three implants, this unique system is an affordable, fast option for people suffering from an edentulous mandible.

Variety is the spice of life

As more and more restorative options become available to edentulous patients, it’s likely that they will become more particular about finding a treatment that suits them. By keeping up to date with innovations and discussing your patients’ needs and desires in detail, you can suggest a solution that suits their finances, timeframes and clinical needs.



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[i]Garni, B., Pani, S., AlMaaz, A., Qeshtaini, E., Abu-Haimed, H., Sharif, K. Factors Affecting the Willingness to Pay for Implants: A Study of Patients in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dent Res J (Isfahan). 2012; 9(6): 719–724.

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