ADI Team Congress 2019: A lively and informative educational programme

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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th July 2019

The ADI Team Congress 2019 provided a learning opportunity for all dental professionals involved with the placement, restoration and management of dental implants. A vast array of topics were explored by some of the most inspirational and knowledgeable speakers in the field, exposing delegates to brand new ideas and sparking constructive debate.

For dental hygienists and dental therapists, the dedicated full-day lecture programme was chaired by ADI DCP representative, Julia Wilson, and covered a broad spectrum of issues.

Elaine Tilling kicked off proceedings with a session entitled “Do You Mind If I Vape? … Well Do We?” With the aim of finding effective ways to help more people quit smoking, Elaine explored how e-cigarettes work and how they can be used as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes to support cessation. She also discussed what is known about the safety of the products in the limited time they have been commercially available, giving dental hygienists and therapists everything they needed to decide for themselves whether any of their patients could benefit.

After a short break, Mark Cronshaw moved the discussion into clinical areas, presenting “Old Problems and New Approaches to Care: Infection, Chronic Inflammation and Pain”. Emphasising the importance of a team approach for effective patient care, Mark considered how, why and when lasers and phototherapy can be used in practice to treat infections and improve soft tissue healing. He shared all the latest research and clinical evidence for use of these innovations in the management of peri-implant disease and offered a wealth of advice based on his own experience to help delegates enhance their own protocols and patient care.

In the afternoon, Claire McCarthy delivered a workshop entitled “Supportive Implant Therapy: A Must Have Set of Skills”. A charismatic and passionate speaker, Claire ensured enthusiasm levels remained high throughout the session. She recapped the problems faced when it comes to the management and treatment of peri-implantitis, not least of which were disease prevalence and patient expectations for long-term results without taking adequate responsibility.

Introducing what was to become a reoccurring topic throughout the afternoon, she also challenged the idea that dental hygienists and therapists should not probe around dental implants. Supported by the definition of ‘peri-implant health’, she argued that bleeding on probing and probing depth are still important factors in the identification of peri-implant disease. She also highlighted that many of the concerns professionals held about probes damaging the dental implant surface were unfounded given the skills and attitudes of modern dental hygienists and therapists.

Citing biofilm as “public enemy number one”, Claire went on to emphasise the importance of primary prevention, before giving delegates the chance to get hands-on with some of the cutting-edge equipment she uses in practice. Practical elements included air polishing handpieces, dental implant probing kits and Peek ultrasonic tips, all of which professionals were able to try and ask any questions of the product experts on hand. Claire concluded her very entertaining and humorous session by discussing the evidence behind modern products and procedures and even provided some samples for delegates to take away.

Sarah Childs, a Dental Therapist delegate, commented:

An informative and interesting day. Speakers on all topics were motivational and passionate, and all sessions were entertaining.”

Dental Hygienist Stella Galer added:

It has been a fantastic Congress again. I particularly enjoyed the Hygienists’ & Therapists’ Programme, which provided the latest techniques and research for maintaining and treating dental implants. I’m already looking forward to attending the next Congress in 2 years!

Dental hygienists and therapists at the event had access to the Plenary Programme on Thursday and Saturday as well, where they could hear from even more first-class speakers. In addition, the exhibition hosted more than 50 suppliers and manufacturers of dental implant-related products and technologies for delegates to browse between lectures. This was the perfect place for professionals to catch up with colleagues and meet new people, broadening and strengthening professional networks.

As no ADI Team Congress is complete without the opportunity to relax and have fun, the Congress Dinner on Friday night was great fun. The National Museum of Scotland provided the perfect backdrop to a lovely evening spent in superb company. Indeed, Edinburgh was the ideal location for this year’s event, offering delegates beautiful surroundings to explore for the weekend.


While the ADI Team Congress 2019 may be over, the ADI will continue to offer educational opportunities for all members of the dental team. To find out more about upcoming activities, visit the website today.


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