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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd August 2019

It’s unfair but true that how good looking a person is can still impact important areas of their lives. Of course, in most cases we can easily draw a correlation between those who are deemed to be better looking and success in romance. But did you know that looks can heavily impact people’s careers and the type of jobs they get as well?

As such it’s important for professionals to consider how much aesthetics can truly impact their patients’ lives, and to offer them a wide range of natural-looking options.

Working life in the UK

We are lucky to be living in a period of relatively low unemployment. The current rate of unemployment among able-bodied adults in the UK is at just 4%, considerably lower than the 8% in 2010.[i]However, whilst this seems like a small number it still means that there are well over 2 million people currently out of work and likely seeking employment, many of which may be on your patient lists.

As such, it’s important to help these individuals maintain healthy, natural-looking smiles, especially as this feature can have a direct affect on how people are perceived in job interviews, whether this is when they are seeking employment, looking to move upwards in their career or want to move to another field.

Beauty in the modern age

Although there is some truth in the old adage that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, there’s no denying that certain physical attributes are generally considered more desirable.

Smiles, in particular have been proven to have a big impact on whether someone is considered attractive or not. In a survey conducted by dating site, having good teeth was voted the most important thing for prospective partners, with 58% of men and 71% of women listing a healthy smile as a must-have. This meant that teeth were ranked as a far more important physical aspect than other parts of a person’s appearance such as their hair, their clothes and whether they had tattoos or not.[ii]

In many ways this makes sense, especially if we consider that good oral health is seen to be a reliable indicator of good general health as well.[iii]We also need to remember that people are far more likely to be drawn to people who are healthy and have good genes.

Looking good for work

So how does appearance impact a person’s career? A number of studies have been conducted in order to assess exactly this, and the results offer some interesting insights.

The overwhelming finding in the majority of these research endeavours is that attractive people are far more likely to get an exciting, desirable job. Data has shown that better-looking people are considered more capable by employers, even when there is no evidence to suggest this is the case.[iv]

This is particularly true if the job in question is a collaborative role, as colleagues are more apt to vouch for a handsome or beautiful co-worker, especially if they are going to be working together on projects. However, the same research found that this works differently for jobs where workers need to compete against one another, as unattractive people are more likely to be hired for these roles. This is thought to be because the individuals hiring believe they stand a better chance of performing better than unattractive colleagues, especially in front facing or sales related job roles.[v]

This trend towards favouring fairer looks even extends to include how seriously we take the work produced by the individual during their career. In a study that compared the work of scientists and their research, it was shown that people believed attractive researchers were more likely to produce high-quality work, and their research and ideas had a better chance of receiving support, funding and media coverage.[vi]

The role of the dentist

In light of this data, it’s understandable that people want a better smile, particularly if they are looking to make a good first impression in job interviews or continue to shine in their career.

In this case, have you considered offering your patients whitening treatments that they can perform at home? Saber Tooth White home whitening kits from CosTech Dental Laboratory are an excellent option, as not only can the whitening tray be worn on the go as it is ultra thin and fitted to your patients’ unique dental anatomy, but patients can also fit their treatment around their lifestyles and use this versatility to their advantage – for example, whitening their teeth during the weeks leading up to an interview.

A helping hand

As attractiveness plays such an important part in many aspects of our lives, it makes sense for professionals to help patients maintain and achieve attractive smiles by offering accessible, versatile tooth whitening solutions.


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