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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th August 2019

Dentistry has evolved dramatically within the last two decades. Breakthroughs in technology, materials and techniques have resulted in higher quality care and an ever-growing list of treatment options. Today’s patients now want to ensure that their smile looks as good as it feels. This focus on aesthetics – combined with greater disposable incomes and an increased awareness of how beneficial having a healthy smile can be – has motivated more and more patients to invest in their smile. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most sought after services we offer as dentists, boasting a global market value of approximately £11.7 billion.[i]Let’s review some of the current trends within the field.

Tooth whitening

Among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures is tooth whitening, which offers patients a cost-effective way of improving the appearance of their teeth. Over the last few years, the desire for a beaming “Hollywood smile” has led to an influx of over-the-counter (OTC) tooth whitening products – many of which are marketed as solutions that enable patients to achieve a brighter, whiter smile from the comfort of their own home. Charcoal-based toothpastes, for instance, have become incredibly popular among consumers due to their supposed tooth whitening effects. However, a recent study has revealed that 96% of charcoal-based toothpastes contain an insufficient amount of bleaching agent for them to have any effect on discolouration. The study also found that most of these OTC products could be contributing to the development of dental caries, as they do not contain any fluoride to protect teeth against disease.[ii]This emphasises the importance of educating patients on the value of professional tooth whitening treatment, which can provide effective, long-lasting results in a safe way.


Traditional orthodontic procedures were once a painful aesthetic nightmare for many patients, but there are now a variety of treatment options to suit patients of all ages. Advances in technology have led to the development of more comfortable and aesthetic orthodontic appliances. Clear aligners, for example, provide patients with an effective and discreet means by which to correct minor misalignment issues, while ceramic braces serve as an inconspicuous alternative to conventional metal appliances, featuring components that are innovatively designed to blend in with a patient’s natural teeth. Techniques and processes have also improved to facilitate shorter treatment times. Mobile applications enable practitioners to monitor patients remotely as orthodontic treatment progresses, resulting in a more satisfying patient experience. It’s no wonder that 80% of orthodontists have reported an increase in the number of patients seeking orthodontic treatment in recent years.[iii] 

Dental veneers

Dental veneers have always been a highly desirable solution for improving the appearance of teeth. However, modern veneers are a far cry from being the fragile solutions they were during their rise to popularity in the 1980s. With the continued advances in dental ceramics, veneers have been developed to ensure greater aesthetic and functional results. Ultra thin veneers can be manufactured from ceramic materials such as zirconia or lithium disilicate, which are strong, durable, and better able to mimic the aesthetic of natural teeth. Traditionally, veneers required removing a substantial amount of the natural tooth structure in order for them to be placed, but ceramic alternatives enable clinicians to restore teeth with little to no tooth preparation, which is much more comfortable for the patient. This conservative treatment approach can make a significant difference to the overall aesthetic and ensures a stable, long-lasting result.

Transforming smiles

The demand for cosmetic dentistry continues to snowball at a rapid pace. As dental professionals, we want to ensure every patient can benefit from the latest cosmetic dental procedures, but complex cases or those that require a multi-disciplinary approach might be beyond your professional remit. In this case, consider referring to a trusted clinic like Ten Dental+Facial, whose award-winning team of skilled cosmetic dentists are highly experienced in treating advanced cases. They will ensure you remain integral to the referral process, keeping you up-to-date as treatment progresses, before the patient is returned to you for ongoing care and review.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry extend far beyond simply improving dental aesthetics. Dentists have the opportunity to deliver treatments that can transform a patient’s life, helping to boost their self-image and self-confidence. In many cases, we are able to follow a minimally invasive approach to treatment that enables us to preserve as much of a patient’s natural tooth as possible. Not only is this more comfortable for the patient, but it can also lead to reduced treatment times and a more effective long-term outcome, as the structural integrity of the tooth remains intact. So long as the cosmetic dental field continues to innovate, clinicians will be able to provide a wide range of treatments to help patients maintain a truly healthy, beautiful smile.


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