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  Posted by: Dental Design      24th August 2019

Over time even mildly irritating sensations can drive a person to distraction. Particularly when stressed – and who isn’t faced with stressors today – little annoyances can mount up and cause far more aggravation than the sum of their parts. Rather than putting up with an issue and letting it gradually wear us down, doing what we can to minimise routine nuisances is a cornerstone of modern self-care.  

This becomes ever more important over time. As we age, our bodies accumulate more and more wear and tear, our muscles weaken, our skin thins, our mouths become drier – we become more sensitive to irritation. It is little coincidence that as we enter the later decades of life, the risk of losing our teeth goes up considerably. With tooth loss comes adverse aesthetic and functional changes, which is commonly treated with dentures.

Unfortunately, some older denture designs were and still are, imperfect. Many fit poorly, giving rise to a considerable number of issues – from gingival resorption, to affecting speech and the shape of the face, or the appliance coming loose, uncomfortable or even falling out and all the embarrassment that can cause. The mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and is actively involved in several fundamental aspects of the human experience. From talking and conveying emotion such as smiling, to eating, the mouth is a critical anatomical area and any impediment can be significantly stressful and worrying. Our voices and faces are so closely tied to our identities, to who we are as people and how we express ourselves, so even relatively minor changes can be psychologically troubling and lead to a perceived reduction in quality of life.

To offer patients a modern alternative to traditional metal-based or flexible removable partial dentures (RPDs), Solvay Dental 360®has custom-developed Ultaire®AKP. Specifically designed to fit into the workflow for the fabrication of digital denture designs, this new generation polymer offers an accurate fit with tremendous retention and aesthetics. Ultaire®AKP is lightweight yet it does not distort and is remarkably strong and resilient. It also has a bone-like feel and is highly compliant, which makes it pleasant and comfortable for patients to wear.

Traditional metal partial denture frames come with a host of potential drawbacks. They can damage remaining teeth, have unsightly visible clasps or cause discomfort due to their relative weight. They can leave a metallic taste that many patients find unpleasant or distracting, and for patients with metal sensitivity they can cause substantial, even painful, allergic effects.

Ultaire®AKP is a metal-free, highly biocompatible alternative. It is therefore the ideal material for a comfortable and discrete partial denture. Aesthetically pleasing and with absolutely no metallic taste, your patients can benefit from partial dentures made from this advanced, long-life polymer for years to come.


Solvay Dental 360® want you and your patients to get the very best out of the latest innovations and is passionate about education. It has gathered a team of experts that are ready to visit dental practices where, in the comfort of your clinic, you can attend a professional Lunch and Learn session. The experienced Solvay educators will explain the digital workflow and help you to understand the processes involved in the design and manufacture of removable partial dentures. They will also introduce you to Ultaire®AKP, show you the benefits of polymer-based RPD frameworks and of course, supply a tasty lunch for you and your team.

With any prostheses, the ultimate goal should be to seamlessly replicate the form and function of the missing or damaged anatomy – prostheses should ideally not call attention to themselves and be so comfortable that the user forgets that they are not part of their body. By using non-irritating, comfortable and mechanically effective materials, we can better achieve this goal – which will help the patient feel confident and at ease. For many patients, a well-fitted partial denture made from Ultaire® AKP is as close to their original teeth as they can possibly imagine.

With the opportunity to take any potential irritations away from your patient’s experience of removable partial dentures, an advanced, tailor-made Ultaire®AKP solution is sure to leave them smiling.

Solvay Dental 360® is confident that you will find Ultaire®AKP a transformative step forward for RPDs. Contact our team today to find out more about this revolutionary new material or to arrange an informative professional Lunch and Learn session at your practice.

To book a Solvay Dental 360®Professional Lunch and Learn or to find more information Ultaire®AKP and Dentivera®milling discs,
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