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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th September 2019

In modern dentistry, a good practice management system is essential to ensure that everything is running smoothly. With appointments to keep track of, promotions to run and growing patient lists to cater for, practice management is key to ensuring that your business remains profitable and that everyone is receiving the care and time they deserve.

However, dentistry is not a stagnant industry, and practice management systems need to evolve with demand in order to stay relevant. That’s why, with its latest update to version 7.0, the CS R4+ practice management system from Carestream Dental introduces a number of new features that ensure the system remains perfectly suited to the modern practice.

Organisation and appointments

A practice management system should be able to organise appointments and other necessary information seamlessly and without fuss. That’s why, one of the biggest updates in the latest version of the CS R4+ software is an enhanced appointment system.

Nina Gilbert, Global Product Line Manager at Carestream explains some of the exciting new features:

“One of the most exciting changes that comes with version 7.0 of the system is how appointments are made and organised. What was called the Appointment Book has now become the Planner, and this has undergone a major aesthetic overhaul to better exemplify its innovative and easy-to-use nature.

“This new design is clearer to view and more streamlined to use. Icons have been replaced, and the patient banner as well as the date navigation have all been improved to make them easier to use. Furthermore, Patient Markers have been changed, so using the programme and understanding the information displayed at a glance is easier than ever before.

“We have also introduced a new function called Parking Lot. It’s typical that during your day patient appointments will change, be moved or cancelled. Parking Lot allows you to drag and drop appointments from the Planner into a temporary storage list that can then be used to move these appointments to different parts of the Planner with ease. As the name suggests, it’s effectively a parking area for appointments that need to be rescheduled, saving you from needing to manually enter the information each time.

“This new feature allows users to keep an accurate track of which patient and provider the appointment is for, regardless of any interruptions. This will help users to stay organised and not lose track of any important appointments.

“We understand that changes don’t suit everyone though, so if users do prefer to organise their appointments in the same way they did previously they can continue doing so – Parking Lot is just another option for those who want to streamline the process.”

Digital convenience

As the shift towards digital dentistry continues, it makes sense to be able create relevant documents and offer your patients the opportunity to fill out these forms digitally. It is also beneficial to perform certain functions and receive requests within your practice management system, especially in instances such as Prior Approval in Scotland.

Nina Gilbert says:

“One of the best innovations of the CS R4+ system is that you can use it to create your own documents which can then be e-signed by the patient on the spot. This not only helps to streamline the registration process for new patients and treatment approvals, but it also means that you can manage and store important documents more easily, keeping them all within the system so that you know where they are instantly.

“For Scottish dentists we have also added a new e-Prior Approval functionality to the 7.0 version update. This allows Scottish sites to electronically request approval to perform NHS treatments on a patient, all within the system. Following this, users can review responses from the Health Board in the CS R4+ software and submit a final payment claim when the request has been approved and the treatment has been completed.

“The system guides users through various Health Board response scenarios, meaning they will always know how to proceed.”

Updated to a modern vision

The latest 7.0 update to the CS R4+ practice management system from Carestream Dental goes a step further in streamlining practice management for all. With better programme navigation, an image refresh and the introduction of new features to help make operations as seamless as a touch of a button, it shows that Carestream Dental is paying attention to how users interact with the system and implementing changes that will help everyone enhance how they plan and organise essential parts of practice management going forward.



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