Your guide to using W&H surgical equipment – Dr Kashif Hafeez

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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th September 2019

Dr Kashif Hafeez, who practices and teaches minor oral surgery and dental implantology, outlines a protocol for using surgical equipment manufactured by W&H.

Following a holistic approach to treatment is vital to achieving optimal results in oral surgical procedures, particularly those involving the placement of a dental implant. There are some essential steps that must be taken before, during and after surgery to ensure a stable, long-lasting restoration.

  • Prepare the patient for the procedure by carrying out an assessment of their overall dental health and treating any pre-existing oral diseases.
  • Following this, implant treatment can begin by making an incision in the soft tissue, before employing the Piezomed to cut into the bone. Make sure to use the Piezomed’s specialist implant tips to prevent the bone from overheating.
  • Switch from the Piezomed to the Implantmed using the wireless foot control. The automatic thread cutter and torque control functions will enable you to place the implant without applying too much heat or pressure on the bone.
  • Use the Implantmed with the W&H Osstell ISQ module to measure the primary stability of the implant once it has been placed. At this point, you can determine whether the implant can be immediately loaded.
  • Throughout the healing process, you can use the Implantmed to measure the implant’s stability. If the ISQ measurement is over 70, then treatment can be provided immediately.
  • Once osseointegration has been achieved and the soft tissue has healed, the implant should be restored with your chosen prosthesis.

Upon completion of treatment, it is important that the patient understands their responsibility to return to the practice to be professionally examined for any post-operative complications, including the presence of peri-implant diseases. Good patient compliance is key to ensuring excellent post-operative results are maintained for years to come.  


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