The benefits of industry involvement with professional education – PG Cert in Implant Dentistry

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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd October 2019

There are many benefits afforded by a close working relationship between dental implant education providers and product suppliers. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that clinicians can learn how to use specific implant systems. They can discover all the science behind the products and gain practical experience in order to achieve the best possible results with each solution when in practice. In addition, product suppliers often work with some of the most respected experts in their fields. Not only does this afford confidence in the quality of systems presented during training, but it also means that world-class speakers are often available to share their extensive knowledge and experience with delegates. All of this serves to provide a higher quality of tuition and support for dentists looking to develop their skills.

For the very best learning experience, it’s important that professional training covers both theoretical and practical elements, with surgical and restorative aspects. Having a comprehensive understanding of all the procedures involved will enable dentists to more confidently provide patients with the information they need for informed consent.

This therefore requires knowledge of both analogue and digital treatment techniques. Digital is certainly the future of implantology, and indeed likely the future of all dentistry. While not every dentist will be able to introduce a completely digital workflow straight away, being aware of the options and understanding the potential benefits is still an important part of good training.

Building bridges



TRI®is an innovative Dental Implant Solutions Provider from Switzerland, with a strong commitment to professional education. We believe that only with quality training will dentists be able to maximise on the benefits provided by the best implant systems on the global market. We were therefore delighted to get the opportunity to work alongside Professor Cemal Ucer, who uses the TRI®Dental Implant System himself. Over time we have built a fantastic relationship and friendship with Professor Ucer, enabling us to work together on various courses. Among these is the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry delivered through Ucer Education.


This 12-month course provides dentists with the knowledge and practical skills they need to place and restore implants successfully. Importantly, it covers all the basics, with information and support tailored to the needs of those beginning their journey with implants. The practical stages allow delegates to physically place implants in models and under supervision, ensuring they can safely deliver treatment to their patients. For more experienced delegates, complex topics such as bone augmentation and soft tissue management are covered and on-going mentoring ensures continued support as they develop their skills.

Accredited by EduQual at Level 7, the course is presented by world-class speakers, including Professor Ucer himself. Training utilises the cutting-edge facilities of the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute in Manchester. It highlights the advantages of a digital workflow, while still covering analogue techniques to cater for everyone. In addition, it provides an opportunity for dentists to get to grips with leading implant solutions, including the TRI®System.

Trusted products

Easy to use products that facilitate a simple workflow encourage good results by reducing the potential margin for error. That’s why the TRI®Dental Implant System was designed with simplicity in mind, offering an intelligent yet streamlined portfolio. The TRI®Performance Concept incorporates the company’s ethos to help deliver predictable osseointegration, immediate stability, a strong connection and long-term aesthetics for every patient.


All products are of the highest standards, demonstrating the height of Swiss quality. Of note is the newly patented 3D-Touch Open-Tray Impression Post – an intra- and extra-oral scanbody that suits both analogue and digital impressioning methods for workflow flexibility. The narrow component is ideal for even small spaces and it attaches to the implant without a screwdriver for maximum ease of use. It is also easy to unscrew at any angle of up to 45 degrees, big advantage especially in the posterior region. Furthermore, TRI®wholeheartedly supports the digital workflow with its TRI®Digital Implant. The world’s first implant to be created specifically for digital manufacturing, the concept makes it easy to design the restoration directly on the implant, with no need for an abutment.


Ultimately, the innovative TRI®Dental Implant System is cost-efficient, fast, simple and intuitive – ideal for both beginners and experienced clinicians looking to excel in implantology. The supplier also supports its users with an extensive library of online tutorials, webinars and further training courses, ensuring all dentists get the very most out of the TRI®Dental Implant System.


Education at its best

If you’re interested in developing your dental implant skills with a trusted training provider and world-class products, the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry from Ucer Education could be for you. The programme is a result of careful thought and extensive experience, helping to set you up for a long and successful career in dental implantology.


For more information on the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry from Ucer Education – which is supported by several leading industry partners, including TRI®Dental Implants – please visit or call 0161 237 1842



For further details about the TRI®implant portfolio, please visit www.tri.swissor email




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