Carestream Dental Summit 2019: An event for the whole team! Not to be missed

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  Posted by: The Probe      8th October 2019

It’s important for every single member of the dental team to develop their careers, understand the latest trends in the industry and keep up to date with the latest technology. That’s why, for its 2019 summit, Carestream Dental has gone the extra mile to create an event that caters to everybody in the dental team, as well as providing an opportunity for them to concentrate on the educational areas they are most interested in.

Taking place on November 1st2019 at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham, this is a perfect event for teams looking to enhance their knowledge on all things dental imaging and practice management. They can also discover how Carestream Dental’s catalogue of solutions could enhance their professional life and practice in more ways than one.

Incredible innovations to discover

As pioneers in both dental imaging and practice management software, it’s little surprise that for the Carestream Dental Summit 2019, the company has lined up some of its most exciting new additions for delegates to discover.

The first of these is an update to their critically acclaimed practice management software – the CS R4+. The upgraded 7.0 version of the software helps to streamline patient bookings with the introduction of a new feature, the Parking Lot. This handy tool allows users to drag and drop appointments as necessary without having to re-enter information, saving considerable time and making the organisation of appointments easier than ever before.

Another innovation taking centre stage at the show will be the Care Management Platform. A new, cloud-based software as a service piece of practice management technology, this product helps to enhance patient/professional interaction. It also allows users to instantly view reports at a glance, to benefit from a number of business enhancement tools and much, much more.

Visitors will also have the chance to see how innovations in dental imaging such as the CS ScanFlow and the CS Imaging 8.0 can be advantageous their patients and practice. This is essential information for those who already use digital scanners or whom are curious about adopting a digital workflow.

Holistic education for all

No dental event would be complete without a good educational programme, and the Carestream Dental Summit 2019 is no different. As the event is open to every member of the team, delegates can choose between three different programme pathways, one focusing on practice management, one on dental imaging and another on intraoral scanning.

Each of these programmes feature lectures from leading speakers in the industry who will focus on subjects related to the educational pathway in question, as well as various interactive elements where everyone can join in to learn together. For example, on the dental intraoral scanning programme delegates will not only learn the ins and outs of using these pieces of technology, but also have the chance to partake in interactive workshops where they can test models in Carestream Dental’s portfolio of intraoral scanners.

These programme pathways will again allow delegates to learn more about the most recent innovations in this area. Those who choose dental intraoral scanning can find out more about the new CS ScanFlow software, which provides you with unlimited versatility, flexibility and scalability. This software also enhances your workflow in other ways, including faster scanning, expanded processing options, one-click export and touchscreen capabilities.

In addition, there will be training sessions available for delegates who want to make the most of their existing Carestream Dental software and technology. These sessions are ideal for users who want to gain confidence with these systems or who want to learn tips and tricks on how to improve their work even further.

Each of these pathways results in a fantastic blend of information and hands-on experience using the relevant innovations, helping to ensure that everybody benefits from information and verifiable CPD in areas that are pertinent to their career.

Mix, mingle and build bonds

Another significant bonus of the Summit is that it allows whole teams a chance to network effectively and spend time with likeminded individuals in the industry. Practice managers can swap tips, dentists can speak about their favourite techniques and everyone can benefit from making new contacts in their sphere of work.

There are also certain sessions which have been designed for every member of the team to participate in together. This is a great chance to improve teamwork and learn together as one unit, gaining invaluable skills and solidifying the relationships that already make your practice a success.

Book your space today!

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