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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th October 2019

For consistently excellent outcomes in restorative dentistry, it’s important to combine proven techniques with quality products. This is precisely the concept behind the Bioclear Method, which was developed to improve the longevity, shine retention and strength of composite restorations compared to traditional techniques.

Dr Claire Burgess comments on her experience of using restorative materials from 3M Oral Care with the Bioclear Method.

“The handling of both Filtek One Bulk Fill restorative and Filtek Supreme XTE Universal restorative from 3M is excellent. In addition, the aesthetics of Filtek Supreme XTE Universal restorative from 3M are superb. Despite only using a single shade, restorations look natural when placed with the Bioclear Method – especially in gingival areas where the material affords sufficient translucency in thin sections to allow the natural shade of the underlying tooth to show through. Incisally, the material produces a bright and strong appearance that patients generally prefer over translucency/characterisation detail.

“Filtek One Bulk Fill restorative from 3M also offers a better appearance in posterior restoratives over some alternative composites due to its lower translucency. The blend of Filtek One Bulk Fill restorative and Filtek Supreme XTE Universal restorative from 3M makes composite restorations virtually invisible.

“Having used other materials with the Bioclear Method, I feel that Filtek Supreme XTE Universal restorative and Filtek One Bulk Fill restorative from 3M are superior for several reasons:

  • The consistency of the materials when heated is flowable and smooth. This allows for improved injection moulding, better adaption to small areas (such as restoring black triangle spaces), and the development of less voids within the material. Ultimately, this makes injection moulding a much easier and more predictable process for the clinician.
  • The narrower compule tips improve control over the direction of the injecting composite.
  • The increased length of the compule tip allows better access – both anteriorly and posteriorly – into cavities or matrices when injection moulding.

“Further still, I have always found the team from 3M Oral Care to be very friendly and enthusiastic. The support from the all team has been consistently of a high standard.”


For further details about the Bioclear concept and products, visit www.bioclearmatrix.com



For more information about products from 3M Oral Care, call 0800 626 578 or visit www.3M.co.uk/Dental


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