Anterior restorations: The power of CAD/CAM – Dr Josef Kunkela and Mr Daniel Dunka. BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference

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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd November 2019

BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference 7th – 9th November 2019

Are you ready for the BACD’s Sixteenth Annual Conference? The Academy promises to offer another truly inspiring educational programme providing delegates the chance to join lectures, seminars and hands-on workshops covering a wide range of topics. Among the most anticipated of these events is an insightful session led by Dr Josef Kunkela and Mr Daniel Dunka.

Dr Josef Kunkela

Mr Daniel Dunka

As a young, driven and highly accomplished dental technician, Mr Dunka is a certified inLab trainer, educator and beta tester. He has substantial experience in the field, having worked in the USA and in several other European countries. For the past six years, Mr Dunka’s main focus has been on the aesthetic design of anterior restorations using inLab software from Dentsply Sirona. He has also recently developed an interest in the design of All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant restorations.

Mr Dunka is looking forward to presenting at the BACD Annual Conference alongside Dr Kunkela, who is an innovative Czech dentist with extensive experience in the field of prosthetics, bariatric dentistry, preventive care and marketing in dental medicine. He presents his research in many countries across Europe, but also organises practical courses in prosthetics and CAD/CAM dentistry within the Czech Republic.

The expertise of Mr Dunka and Dr Kunkela ensures that they are ideally placed to lead a hands-on workshop entitled, “Power of Biocopy (For CEREC and inLab users)”. This session will be presented in an A-to-Z format, meaning delegates will be guided through the whole sequence of aesthetic rehabilitation from case planning to the bonding of dental veneers and crowns. Delegates will also learn all of the steps related to smile reconstruction from smile design to clinical performance.

Mr Dunka says: “Josef and I are going to be demonstrating how clinicians can achieve highly aesthetic restorations using CAD/CAM technology – more specifically, systems from Dentsply Sirona. This will involve taking a digital impression with the Primescan intraoral scanner and designing the restoration using the latest version of software from Dentsply Sirona. 

“We are also going to be using different types of anterior shapes that can be ‘picked up’ from any patient, so that clinicians essentially have an unlimited library of designs available to them. This way, they are not dependent on a library from any one type of CAD/CAM software. Essentially, the session will focus on using nature to create beautiful CAD/CAM restorations in the easiest and most aesthetic way.

“I would encourage delegates to attend this hands-on workshop because it will help encourage them to think outside the box, which is something that every dentist and dental technician should be able to do. They shouldn’t be limited to certain techniques and concepts prescribed by individual CAD/CAM manufacturers. Restoring anterior teeth can be a flexible process.

“If delegates take one thing away from the session, I hope it is the realisation that anterior restorations are not impossible to create aesthetically using CAD/CAM technology. Most dental professionals are wary of anterior restoration because it is one of the most difficult procedures to perform. Dentists and dental technicians need to let go of this fear because it is not as difficult as they might think. Dr Kunkela and I hope to break down the mental barriers surrounding restorative treatment of anterior teeth. There are no limits to what can be achieved.”

Besides Mr Dunka and Dr Kunkela, the celebrated BACD Annual Conference will present an opportunity for many other renowned clinicians to share their knowledge and inspire delegates. This year’s impressive speaker line-up includes Mr Philip Reddington, as well as Drs Tony Rotondo, Paolo Nardinocchi, Oliver Harman, Michaela Sehnert, Mauro Fradeani, Mario Semenza, Luis Bessa, Koray Feran, Eric van Dooren and Elliot Mechanic.

Since its inception, the BACD has always been committed to helping clinicians improve the outcome of cosmetic dental treatment. This highly dynamic and inclusive community of dental professionals fosters a thriving environment of shared learning and experiences. Educational events are just one example of how the BACD continues to support the dental team in delivering the highest quality cosmetic dentistry.

“The BACD Sixteenth Annual Conference will be my first time at this event,” says Mr Dunka. “My impression of the BACD so far is that it stays on top of dental education. Dr Kunkela and I are really excited to engage with everyone who will be attending the conference. What I’m most looking forward to is networking and meeting dental professionals within the same field. I’m also eager to expand my horizons by exploring different mindsets and finding out how other clinicians approach treatment.”

To make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to develop your expertise and reignite your passion for first-class cosmetic dentistry, book your ticket to the BACD Annual Conference!


The BACD Sixteenth Annual Conference 2019

‘Delivering Excellence: Tradition vs. Innovation’

7th – 9th November 2019

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Kensington, London


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