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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th November 2019

On-going training and education in dentistry is crucial for all professionals keen to deliver the very best patient care. However, the initial training and support provided to dentists who are newly qualified can have a huge impact on the success of their future career.

Nafisah Hakim, a Foundation Dentist (FD) at Northfield Dental Practice, commented:

“The start of the FD training year was challenging – the transition from dental school to a practice environment is a big change. It was daunting to see more patients in a day than I was used to, and in shorter appointment slots. However, I’ve had a lot of support through the team around me, which has made the process much easier.

“My team is really friendly and it’s like a family in the practice. Everyone from my FD trainer to my practice manager and the dental nurses have made a huge difference and really helped me settle in. They have provided all the support I needed to get the very most from my FD year so far, which I think is really important when you’re starting out in the profession.”

The FD trainer is a particularly important part of an FD’s learning experience, as they are there to encourage skill development in a safe and effective way. They also provide all the support and case-specific advice necessary to enable FDs to deliver quality dental care in practice while gaining experience in all areas of general dentistry.


Amarjot Kaur, dentist at Winnersh Dental Practice said:

“I completed my FD year at Buckingham House, which was fantastic. My goal was to gain as much experience as possible so I would feel comfortable in my transition to becoming an associate. I was very well supported by my FD trainer, who had a great wealth of knowledge to share. I felt really fortunate to work with such experienced clinicians and was able to pick up lots of tips and tricks along this journey. The difference between where I started and where I am now is definitely a testament to all the team at Rodericks.”

As such, it’s not surprising that many experienced dentists find FD training to be a very rewarding career choice for them. It offers an opportunity to share all the expertise they have accrued and to pass on wisdom about everything from clinical concepts to patient management, to the next generation of practitioners. In addition to giving something back to the profession, FD training also affords greater variety within a dentist’s everyday work. It enables individuals to explore a new avenue by getting into teaching.


Dinesh Gunatunga, dentist from Buckingham House, shares his experience of becoming an FD trainer:

“As part of my career progression and skill development, I was delighted to get the opportunity to become an FD trainer with Rodericks. I love the training and mentoring that this role entails. All FD’s are different and have to overcome their own challenges, but I’d say a common hurdle is building up the confidence to perform extractions and crown preparations. Communication skills are also difficult for some, but these can easily be developed over time, with the right guidance.”




Muhammad Jasat, dentist at Northfield Dental Practice, adds:

“I was recently appointed an FD trainer, which is very rewarding and exciting. It is incredibly inspiring to watch an FD develop and often it makes me question my decisions and research current clinical evidence to further improve my own clinical work. Having previously been involved in teaching and tutoring, becoming an FD trainer seemed like an obvious step. Rodericks not only encouraged me, but also helped with planning, application and interviews. Training days were arranged by the group to help throughout the process, which was very valuable.”

Moreover, becoming an FD trainer is a reflection of the individual’s skill and commitment to excellence. The process to becoming a trainer is strict and those who successfully complete it should be proud of such an achievement. This is why Rodericks is so proud of its dentists – with 19 FD training practices right now, and more in the making, this is a testament to the quality of its professionals.

Regardless of which side of the line you stand, FD training offers all involved the chance to develop a long and highly successful career in dentistry. It encourages learning and offers new opportunities for individuals looking to be the very best they can be.


For more information about joining Rodericks to become an FD trainer, please visit, or contact Ashley Lillyman at or on 01604 970988.



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