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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th November 2019

All dental professionals know that every patient is unique, so they should each benefit from high quality dentistry that is tailored to their individual needs. When it comes to prophylaxis treatment, W&H understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting a patient’s oral health. That’s why W&H offers a wide range of innovative, user-friendly solutions to help improve the standard of care delivered and ensure the long-term success of treatment. Manufactured with both the patient and practitioner in mind, W&H’s expanded portfolio of Proxeo products optimally supports modern prophylaxis procedures for a more efficient workflow.


Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System

Weighing less than most smartphones, the portable Proxeo Twist Cordless system is ergonomically designed to provide clinicians the flexibility to polish entirely without restrictions, making it ideal for domiciliary dental care. It is available with a wireless foot control that can be used to adjust the handpiece speed according to the clinical situation. Being free from the restraints of cables, the Proxeo Twist Cordless can be easily rotated 360 degrees in hand, enabling clinicians to adjust their working position to better access and achieve an unrestricted view of the oral cavity. This also helps clinicians maintain the correct posture during treatment to further minimise stress, strain and muscle fatigue.

With its durable lithium-ion batteries, the Proxeo Twist Cordless provides sufficient power throughout the working day – even when you may be treating a high number of patients. Moreover, the handpiece comes complete with disposable prophy heads featuring both soft and firm cups that enable practitioners to select the appropriate solution for treatment. These premium prophy heads have been developed by W&H in conjunction with prophylaxis specialists, taking into account features such as optimal adaptation to the tooth surface, simple paste pick-up and distribution, as well as gentle cleaning into the sulcus.


Proxeo Aura Air Polishing System

Hailed as a real all-rounder, the new Proxeo Aura facilitates thorough and efficient removal of soft deposits and stains, without the need to change the handpiece. In fact, this device features a practical adjustment ring that enables you to switch conveniently between prophylaxis and periodontal treatment. Complete with three different powders that are ideal for various indications, the Proxeo Aura boasts a wide range of spray attachments in different angles and lengths for optimal access to the treatment site. Soft and flexible perio tips, for instance, are perfectly adapted to the periodontal anatomy, enabling you to work gently ­– even within deep pockets.

In addition, the optimally bundled powder jet offers a focused spray pattern to reduce powder emission and ensure utmost control while you work. With its 360-degree rotation function, the Proxeo Aura enables you to adapt the spray heads according to the required treatment position. This ergonomic device also boasts a clear powder container with a lateral opening to ensure easy filling and checking of the powder level as you operate. Whether you are working supragingivally, in the sulcus or in deep pockets, the combination of the right powder, the corresponding setting on the Proxeo Aura’s adjustment ring, and the matching spray head ensures you always achieve optimal results.


Proxeo Ultra Piezo Scalers

Available as three stand-alone units or a built-in solution, the new Proxeo Ultra piezo scaler has been designed and manufactured by W&H in collaboration with prophylaxis professionals. Graz University of Technology has confirmed that this is the first piezo scaler of its kind that can be used safely for treating patients with pacemakers. Offering a wide range of unique user advantages, the PB-510, PB-520 and PB-530 Proxeo Ultra systems are designed with a new handpiece – featuring an LED ring – that comes with its own proprietary and patented quick connection system. Q-Link allows you to simply screw the handpiece on and off with just one turn, which makes alternating between tips quick, easy and straight-forward.

Additional highlights of the Proxeo Ultra include a large 750ml tank (PB-520 and PB-530) and an automatic fill level detection system (PB-530), enabling you to integrate the refilling process conveniently into your workflow. The power setting can also be adjusted via a sleek rotary dial, which complements the smooth, edge-free design of the Proxeo Ultra for easy cleaning and disinfection. As the flagship PB-530 boasts a wireless foot control, clinicians benefit from increased movement and flexibility, which ultimately provides the freedom to position the Proxeo Ultra as required. With slender tips that are ideal for prophylaxis, periodontology, endodontics, implantology, and restorative dentistry, the Proxeo Ultra sets the standard in piezo scaling technology.

W&H remains committed to supporting dental professionals in helping patients improve their oral health. As a leading manufacturer, the company is proud to offer a complete prophylaxis solution that not only enables you to streamline your workflow for the benefit of boosting productivity, but also enhances patient care in order to ensure the ultimate treatment experience.




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