KICK SUGAR charity cookbook launches


  Posted by: Dental Design      5th December 2019

Award-winning dentist Dr James Goolnik, along with nutritionist Jenny Phillips and TV chefs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, has written a 14-day No Sugar Challenge cookbook, Kick Sugar.

Along with delicious sugar-free recipes, Kick Sugar is a useful resource for practitioners as it is designed to help their patients permanently reduce their sugar consumption.

Dr Goolnik says: “Over the past 18 years, I have witnessed how damaging sugar is to teeth and health. Every day, I see how the behaviours we learn as children translate into how we ‘reward’ ourselves as adults.”

All profits from the sale of Kick Sugar will go to The Rewards Project. This charity is a collaboration of medical and scientific experts, driven to improve the health and wellbeing of children by transforming how we use sugar-based foods and drinks to reward good behaviour.

Launching on 2nd January!

Visit or for more on The Rewards Project, go to

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