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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th December 2019

Dr Chris McConnell from St Piran Dental explains why he has invested in surgical equipment manufactured by W&H: 

“I perform a lot of dental implant surgery, so I need to rely on equipment that can really deliver and make a difference to treatment. The Piezomed is invaluable for minimally traumatic block graft harvesting and ridge augmentation procedures, making them much more straight-forward. It also facilitates easy access to the sinus. The Piezomed has, without a doubt, made me more confident in tackling complex cases that traditionally would have been much more traumatic for the patient.

“The Implantmed is also a phenomenal piece of kit – W&H has really thought this one through. The benefits of this system are the easy switching between pre-programmed options that I can customise according to my preference, the live torque feedback for implant insertion, and the inbuilt ISQ module that enables me to check integration. The remote wireless foot pedal is a nice touch. This is much simpler for controlling the Implantmed and also ensures wires don’t get caught around your feet.

“The Implantmed’s torque feedback and ISQ module are particularly valuable to me as they make my implant dentistry more predictable and really efficient. By using these features, I know with 100% clarity when I can load an implant, which saves time and reduces errors. This takes away all the hassle of investing in separate hardware to facilitate implant treatment and, best of all, means our practice is demonstrating evidence-based safe practice and good clinical governance, which – in the world we live in – ensures we are dento-legally more robust. I would definitely recommend the Implantmed and Piezomed surgical units.”

Speaking about his experience with W&H, Dr McConnell adds:

“The customer service I have received from W&H has been brilliant. The fact that there are local W&H representatives who actively want to be involved in the progression of your business by providing support and guidance is invaluable. Our local rep, Caroline, has been instrumental to the growth of my implant practice. It is important to remember that W&H is a world leader and doesn’t sell directly. Instead, it sells through third parties, which enables them to focus on ensuring you have the right product for the job.

“In addition, W&H’s after-sales service ensures fast turnarounds and helpful technical staff. We had an incident at our practice where we needed a new motor quickly, so W&H shipped a temporary replacement to us for the next morning, which enabled us to carry out a full dual arch implant case. Without this quick service, we would have had to cancel the operation, costing us in excess of £5,000.”


To find more about the full range of products from W&H, visit www.wh.com/en_uk, call 01727 874990 or email office.uk@wh.com


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