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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th January 2020

The last 16 years have seen phenomenal growth of the BACD into a world-leading authority in cosmetic dentistry. It has become a dynamic and inclusive organisation that members are proud to belong to, with many taking an active role in promoting the Academy’s ethos and values within the wider profession. The continued success of the BACD can be largely attributed to the Board of Directors, who strive to ensure great value for membership by offering unlimited access to various social and educational opportunities.

Spearheading the Board for 2020 and leading the Academy to an ever-brighter future as the next president is Dr Nishan Dixit. He aims to continue promoting the excellent standards of cosmetic dental practice that past BACD presidents have championed throughout their terms. He also hopes to use his presidency to expand on the BACD’s long-term commitment to providing high quality education.

Speaking about his role, Dr Dixit says: “I’m truly privileged and humbled to have been elected BACD President this year. It is an honour to lead an Academy that I have been a member of for many, many years. I would like to continue the great work of the previous Board of Directors and BACD Presidents. We have all worked together in the last few years to grow the Academy and take it from strength to strength. Mine are therefore not the goals of an individual, but of a community. As such, I hope we are able to collaborate with other academies and professional organisations more in the future.

“Furthermore, the BACD is always looking to grow its membership, which is why we have introduced several educational programmes in recent years. For instance, we now offer a Young Dentists Day, the tickets for which have sold out months in advance for the second year running – next year’s event is already receiving bookings. As a result of member requests, we also offer a Ladies Who Do Dentistry event, where women from the profession can get together and discuss topics relevant to them – both in practice and in life. This year, we’ve even had a day dedicated to communication skills and the business of dentistry.  

“These events have only been introduced in the last year and we hope to offer even more educational programmes in the near future. We want the BACD to grow stronger and continue being the place to go to for exceptional education, taught by global leaders in the field of cosmetic dentistry who are ahead of their game.”

Considering the direction in which he would like the Academy to progress in 2020, Dr Dixit says: “Education is our primary focus for encouraging dental professionals to join the BACD. Along with this will come networking and collaborative opportunities with peers. After all, we promote a highly inclusive community of shared learning.

“We always want to bring world-class speakers to the UK, thereby improving access to these renowned clinicians for our members. We ultimately create unique educational environments – we had Dr John Kois sharing his wisdom as the keynote speaker at our 2018 Annual Conference. In 2019, we had the likes of Tony Rotondo, Mario Fradeani, Luis Bessa, Mario Semenza, Eric van Dooren, Michaela Sehnert and Paolo Nardinocchi – among others – speaking at the Annual Conference. These are the types of speakers we have access to and are willing to bring to the UK to share their insight. This means that BACD members have a rare opportunity to hear from them, whether in a hands-on workshop or lecture environment.

“We have new speakers for the 2020 Annual Conference already lined up, many of whom we have never heard speak in the UK before. Our educational calendar of events provides learning opportunities to dental professionals across the UK, thereby improving members’ access to fantastic educational programmes. However, BACD events are not just about dentistry – there are also elements of fun that members get to enjoy as well.”

Looking to the year ahead, Dr Dixit is eager to engage with current and future BACD members on industry developments and current issues affecting the profession. He adds: “I’m looking forward to the Academy’s growth in 2020. I hope to educate and inspire members, encouraging further collaboration within the BACD community. Our charity work will continue as part of our mission to donate to worthy causes that are close to the Academy’s heart. I have the support of a strong Board of Directors, whose spirit of teamwork and camaraderie will ultimately help push the BACD forward.”

Committed to clinical excellence himself, Dr Dixit aims to further promote high quality cosmetic dentistry within the UK through the BACD’s mission to be the most open, influential and dynamic community of dental professionals. Watch this space!  


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