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  Posted by: The Probe      26th January 2020

In a modern dental practice, there are multiple pieces of technology to consider. After all, imaging systems, autoclaves and other tech are all essential in order to provide the best level of care.

Among these essential elements is your air compressor – a piece of equipment that is easily taken for granted. But what happens if your air compressor goes wrong? And what can you do to ensure that your compressor remains functional, compliant and fit for purpose?

One of the best options is to choose the AirCare Adoption Programme from DentalAir.

The heart of the practice

In many ways your air compressor is the heart of your practice. Without it, it would be impossible to provide safe, clean air during treatment, rendering tools such as handpieces ineffectual.

Air quality in your practice needs to be of a safe, hygienic and pure standard, otherwise you run the risk of exposing your patients to airborne pathogens which can result in a number of bad infections and diseases. Indeed, if an air compressor is not functioning properly, it’s entirely possible that pathogens that cause illnesses such as influenza – or any other easily spread infection – can be incorporated into the aerosol cloud that occurs when a high-speed dental drill is used.[i]

There are also other contaminants to consider, and depending where your practice is based, the air quality could already be poor. In some places in the UK, especially big cities such as London, the air quality is considerably worse than in more remote settings. This means that the air could be dangerous to use for treatment purposes, especially as it may contain enhanced levels of chemicals such as nitrous dioxide, which has been proven to cause lung problems and even shorten life expectancy. [ii]

What DentalAir can do for you

The first major plus of the DentalAir AirCare Adoption Programme is that you don’t need to replace your existing air compressor. DentalAir is happy to apply this care warranty to any existing make of air compressor, meaning there will be no interruption to your services when you choose to go forward.

This is especially useful as it means that you can extend the life of your existing technology in an affordable, stress-free manner. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of you not needing to make the big financial investment of purchasing a new air compressor for your practice. Professionals will be aware that these systems are far from cheap, so it’s a good idea, where possible, to look after the air compressor already in place!

Staying compliant is key

Much like other pieces of equipment, compliance is essential when using an air compressor. Standards and regulations must be followed to the letter, and this is something that some older systems may not be doing.

As such, as soon as you sign up for the AirCare Adoption Programme from DentalAir, the team will come to your practice and service your air compressor. All the necessary documentation will be issued to satisfy the HSE legal requirements for regular servicing. Air quality will be tested to ensure that it is of high standards, and, if appropriate, certification will be issued to comply with NHS HTM2022/1. This will also satisfy any CQC inspection requirements.

Around the clock support

The modern dental practice is fast paced and it’s paramount that interruptions don’t impact the level of care that you can provide your patients. That’s why it’s always necessary to have a protection plan for essential equipment like your air compressor that ensures any problems get sorted, fast.

By signing up to the AirCare Adoption Programme, you become entitled to 24-hour back up support from DentalAir. This means that no matter when something goes wrong, you get it sorted out as soon as possible, helping to prevent any loss to your financial earnings or any significant disruption to your patient care.

Another bonus of this programme is that it brings with it a swift, national service. This means that no matter where you are in the country, you can be assured that your air compressor receives the attention it needs, when it needs it.

The affordable choice

The AirCare Adoption Programme from DentalAir is a highly affordable choice regardless of the size of your practice. Depending on the make and model of your existing compressor, you can benefit from complete care and cover from as little as £9.50 per week!

Keep the heart of your practice beating

In the end, keeping your air compressor compliant and fully functional is something that every professional should be prioritising. With the AirCare Adoption Programme from DentalAir, this doesn’t have to be a stressful and time-consuming task, meaning that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – providing exceptional patient care.

To find out more about the AirCare Adoption Programme, contact DentalAir today.


For more information, please contact DentalAir at or call 0800 975 7530




[i] Schpuntoff, H. High-speed Dental Handpieces and the Spread of Airborne Infections. N Y State Dent J. 1993 Jan;59(1):21-3. [Last accessed November 19.

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