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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th February 2020

In modern dentistry, a more holistic approach to care is fast becoming the norm. After all, it’s now so much more than just simply providing patients with treatment. It’s also about streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that patients and staff alike have a seamless, easy and pleasant experience.

In light of this, Carestream Dental has created the new Care Management Platform – a software as a service which incorporates many different elements in order to ensure that users benefit from an all-inclusive approach to care, business management and more.

Transforming traditional service

Dentistry has evolved past the analogue workflows that existed before the dawn of digital, and today it’s necessary for software to deliver a more user-intuitive experience.  In other words, it’s about maximising the potential of your practice and exploring new avenues so that you can not only provide exceptional care to patients, but also grow and expand your business at the same time.

Care Management Platform combines industry-leading imaging capabilities with workflow focus, easy to navigate design and the capability to access patient date anytime, anywhere. In this way it acts as a launchpad for all practice activities and helps to transform the way you would traditionally provide services.

Built off customer insight

At Carestream Dental, customer feedback always comes first. That’s why for the Care Management Platform software, customer input was considered every step of the way during development to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the modern practitioner.

As such, the software has a number of innovative features that have been specifically developed to overcome the most common issues faced by practices today. For example, practices often have to deal with disruptions such as appointment cancellations and so the software has a specific workflow uploaded for when these occur, ensuring that days remain smooth and stress-free and that your ability to provide care is not unnecessarily impacted.

There’s also a focus on ease of welcoming and inducting new staff. As a practice grows and evolves, it’s inevitable that new staff will become necessary, so the software makes it easier than ever before to onboard these individuals. There’s also the ability to use the software to benefit from economies of scale. By centralising data alongside the common business functions, users can easily make the most of the software and identify current business trends – a common want for professionals who looking to keep their practice ahead of the curve.

User input will also help the software develop going forward. Using User Centred Design principles, the research and development teams at Carestream Dental will regularly interact with users via The Exchange community and integrated feedback forms to collect customer expectations and preferences. These will be used to dictate the content and direction of future update patches, which the software will implement automatically.

Accessibility as standard

One of the best features of the Care Management Platform software is that professionals can use it to access patient data regardless of where they are or when they need it. This means you are able to remain connected to your practice at all times and can work remotely on complex cases by looking at all patient data, including clinical images.

Furthermore, as the software can be used to access all of the business workings of your practice, this means that you always have a clear picture of how it is performing. The software is capable of intelligently suggesting links and actions in relation to the data gathered, meaning that you can use key metrics to direct your business as appropriate.

Multiple practices can be managed from this single platform at an astounding level of detail. By exploring data from different parts of the business all at once, users can easily identify trends from across any size of business model, including those comprised of more than one location.

Multi-tasking is also incredibly intuitive with the new software, and this streamlines even the most complicated of actions so that they become stress-free. On the same screen you can search for a patient and perform common tasks such as taking payment or appointment scheduling. This means that even if interruptions occur, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

An intelligent software for the future

With so many cutting-edge user features and a chance to combine patient care and business analytics, the Care Management Platform from Carestream Dental really exemplifies forward-thinking innovation.

Fast, accessible, intuitive and constantly evolving, it allows you to update your practice and your patient care in a way that proves that an all-inclusive approach.

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