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  Posted by: Dental Design      18th February 2020

In all fields of dentistry, access to high quality training is crucial for professionals looking to expand their clinical skills. It is the foundation on which their knowledge is built and will set them up for the successful delivery of treatment to their patients.

On-going support and mentorship from experts in the field is just as crucial when developing skills and capabilities. Having access to advice from more experienced professionals offers reassurance that the treatment being provided is safe and correct, while guidance can also be sought when taking on more complicated cases. All of this ensures that the highest standard of treatment is delivered to every patient and helps individuals to avoid complications. In what has become a highly litigious society, this can be invaluable for clinicians’ confidence. Ultimately, good training and support puts ethical dentistry and patients’ best interests at the heart of everything.

Continuous learning and support

This is something that IAS Academy understands very well. Indeed, the academy has long advocated for continuous learning beyond initial training, encouraging all dentists who take its courses to utilise the on-going support available through online forums and training that is tailored to different experience levels. All training is open source to help GDPs using a wide range of appliances. The academy has taken this a step further for 2020, launching a unique IAS Academy membership scheme.

Building on the global community of professionals already established, IAS Academy membership will offer members even more support than ever before. It affords priority access to popular features of IAS Academy, guiding individuals on their learning pathway from beginner to advanced orthodontic-restorative dentistry. There will be big savings available on courses, as well as enhanced case mentoring on IAS appliances through a brand new, purpose-designed platform. This mentoring – worth £300 – will be available as part of the £49 monthly membership scheme, providing support on everything from diagnosis to treatment planning and execution.

The new scheme will enable even more GDPs to make the most of the world-class teaching available through the academy, which is delivered by some of the best instructors in the business. Not only are physical courses hosted throughout the year, covering both theoretical and practical instructions, but webinars and online learning resources are also available to complement training for added convenience. For those looking to take their skills to the next level, the Advanced training course is accredited by the College of General Dentistry (formerly the Faculty of General Dental Practice), preparing delegates for the diploma in Primary Care Orthodontics.

Marketing and business support

In addition, membership will unlock access to powerful marketing and business resources, which will help to improve promotion of services and ethically boost profitability. These will include priority listing on the IAS Academy dentist finder – worth £900 – making dentists and their practices easy to find for new patients looking for anterior alignment orthodontics and associated restorative dental services.

Financial support

Further adding to the financial benefits, members will receive various fantastic discounts of up to 20% on equipment and products from the online shop. They will also be able to utilise discounts of up to 5% on appliances ordered from the IAS Lab and receive discounts from trade partners such as Philips, NSK, Simplyhealth, Walser and many more. In total, there are £5,000+ of savings available!

Membership benefits:

  • 20% off IAS training courses
  • Free mentoring on IAS appliance mentoring
  • Free access to clinical marketing resources
  • 50% off all non-IAS appliance online mentoring
  • Free priority listing on the national dentist finder database
  • Free webinar attendance
  • Up to 20% off IAS shop purchases
  • Free access to thousands of online learning resources
  • Discounted admission on IAS events
  • Savings on partner products through the online IAS shop

The membership levels are as follows:


Ideal for those at the start of their orthodontic-restorative journey.


Designed for dentists who have completed at least one IAS Academy course, including the submission of three peer-assessed cases.


Perfect for dentists who have graduated from at least two IAS Academy courses, including the submission of five peer-assessed cases.


This level is for those dentists who complete the IAS Academy Advanced Course, including five comprehensive peer-assessed cases. Fellowship represents the pinnacle of orthodontic-restorative education for GDPs.

To find out more about how IAS Academy membership could further support your learning pathway in orthodontic-restorative dentistry throughout 2020, contact the friendly team today!


For more information on IAS Academy membership and upcoming training courses, please visit or call 01932 336470 (Press 1)


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