Affordability and function – how both count towards good value


  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd February 2020

Author: Nicky Steadman Senior marketing manager Eschmann


When describing a product or service as ‘good value’ what do we mean? Value goes way beyond price and affordability. For example, the all-you-can-eat hotel buffet represents great value if it enables you to feed a fussy family at considerably less cost (and less stress) than the à la carte restaurant next door. But buy your children cheap winter boots that fall apart after a month and you’ll wish you had gone for the more expensive, robust pair. ‘Good value’ isn’t a linear concept. Sometimes you have to pay for quality, but on other occasions spending less might be best.

So, if it isn’t only about cost, how do we decide if something is good value or not?
Returning to the hotel buffet, if everyone was able to eat as much of the food that they like as they wanted, the experience would have been enjoyable for all. Level of satisfaction is therefore key to good value. In the case of the winter boots, the cheaper pair simply couldn’t do the job they were intended for effectively. For something to be good value, then, it must be affordable as well as effective and functional in order to offer all-round satisfaction.

Good value in the dental practice

 Combining affordability with quality, effectiveness and functionality is key to almost everything that happens in a dental practice. If an individual is considering aesthetic treatment, for example, they will research all their options thoroughly before making a decision. Even if they have been visiting your practice for years, there is no guarantee that they will choose you for this treatment. For them, better value might mean going to another practice that can perform the procedure in one appointment rather than two. Convenience is important to people and your patient might be happy to pay more for one visit rather than have to take double the time off work.

Good value means added value. If a product or service offers more, ‘cost’ becomes only a small part of the good-value recipe. If your practice offers more, you will find that people will often be happy to pay more, rather than go to a practice that can perform the same treatment, but without the added benefits that make you the best place in town.

Offering more, means better value

What can practices do to ensure good value for patients? General preventive advice and support should always be given. Treatment plans should be comprehensive, include full pre- and post-op instructions, and be presented in a patient-focussed way, using clear language to cut through any jargon. The stability of a patient’s treatment is key to its good value.  

Spend your budget for tools, equipment and materials wisely, so you can offer excellent treatment at the appropriate price. Make sure that everything you use is
of the highest quality, to set the right impression. But even if you are a small two-chair practice, don’t think that the very best is out of your reach. Even when it comes to the latest technology, you can find stunning solutions that combine affordability with functionality.

Overwhelmed by technology

The market for dental technology seems saturated – you only have to visit any dental show to see the overwhelming number of options available for practices to invest in. But technology is only as brilliant as it is effective. Any investments you make will be appropriate to what you do, too. It might not be the right time to purchase a high-spec digital scanner, but finding an autoclave that utilises the latest technology in an affordable, high-performance product is not only essential, but is within every practice’s budget. Source autoclave options that facilitate smoother daily workflows for busy dental teams. Models that come with a range of ongoing benefits will represent the best value and also the canniest investment.

The Little Sister 2020N, from Eschmann, builds on the reputation of the best-selling SES 2010 model by being more effective, reliable and cost effective than its predecessor, as well as capable of dealing with larger capacities without any compromise to performance. It is the most affordable 17 litre non-vacuum autoclave on the market in terms of both initial investment and to operate during its lifetime. Ongoing maintenance and aftercare makes it a sensible long-term choice and it is fully compliant with the latest infection-control standards too.

The concept of value may be tricky to define, yet every thriving practice must be committed to offering good, added value as part of an excellent patient-focussed service. It’s about aiming for the best; the best service, the best skills and the best care, backed up by the very best tools, materials and technology. Good value comes from a mix of several key ingredients and, if you invest wisely, you’ll find out how that things like effective, high-quality technology can also be affordable, too.


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