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  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd February 2020

Not all dental practices are the same. They are not all run in the same way and they do not aim for the same goals. It is just as true to say that not all dental corporates are the same. They too differ in everything from ethos and values to management style and professional training commitments. Consequently, it’s important to consider each business on its owns merits and avoid being distracted by generalisations and misconceptions.

Ryan Harford is a multiple-site practice manager in Kent. He has several years’ experience in management and customer-facing roles, with a background in retail and healthcare. He considers his experience of working for large corporate organisations throughout his career so far.

“I have worked for some of the largest corporates in the world. I have felt very comfortable in this environment and liked working for well-established and well-run companies. Many of the skills learnt in the retail sector were easily transferable to dentistry. For example, the regimented protocols installed in me from retail translated into the strict compliance procedures required in dentistry. I also understood how to guide and enhance the customer journey, which I can apply in the practice to ensure a high-quality patient experience too.”

So, what makes particular companies good places to work?

“Corporates are often associated with an impersonal and cold environment,” explains Ryan. “In some cases they can be, with individuals identified more by number than as a person. A good corporate (just like any good place to work) does the opposite. People know you by name and they take the time to understand your capabilities and your aspirations, despite the size of the business. They provide the support you need to do your job to the best of your abilities.”

In dentistry, the patient should be at the centre of everything and so the quality of care provided is the first metric by which any provider – including a corporate – can be measured. Based on his experience of working with different dental corporates, Ryan believes there is one thing that impacts quality of patient care within the corporate environment above others.

“The team is integral to delivering quality patient care. My current practice has received investment in equipment and we have an amazing environment for patients to seek their care, which is fantastic. But ultimately, I believe the team makes the biggest difference. I like to ensure a very warm and welcoming practice, where patients are put at ease from the very first smile from reception. They are made to feel comfortable, to talk about their lives and to really engage with all members of our team.

“We also follow up after treatment by calling to see how they are – by going this extra mile we ensure the highest quality service for our patients and our community. Patient care always comes first and everything else falls into place from there.”

With a new-found passion for helping to deliver high-quality health and dental services, Ryan’s enthusiasm for his present situation and future with Colosseum Dental is infectious.

“It’s essential that people realise not all dental corporates are the same,” he comments. “I have worked in one where I felt isolated, micro-managed and without sufficient support. However, as soon as I joined Colosseum Dental I was engaged, excited and energised – there’s a real excitement and buzz on a daily basis around the company. There is always someone to provide support and reassurance, yet I have been given the freedom and opportunity to drive the practice forwards. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and facilitated, with plenty of training giving individuals the skills and the confidence they need to take the helm.

“I am very proud to work with Colosseum Dental — I believe in what they are trying to achieve and will put my heart and soul into helping them, my colleagues and my patients. I can say with absolute confidence that joining Colosseum Dental has been a life changing career move for me and I am delighted to get such an opportunity to affect change and really help people. I love my job!”

As Ryan suggests, working with different dental corporates may provide varying experiences. As such, it’s important they are not all tarred with the same brush. Ryan offers some advice about how to know what you’re getting into and to find the right working environment for you.

“You’ve got to do your research so you know what the company is about,” he says. “Where possible, visit a practice and ask the team what they think about the group. The support they receive and their insight into the quality of patient care they are able to provide will offer far more than the business website. There are definitely dental companies out there that are providing a high level of service and care with the right environment for professionals to develop. You just need to find the right ones.”


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