OPTIM™ 1: the optimum way to clean and disinfect the dental practice


  Posted by: Dental Design      6th April 2020

OPTIM™ 1 is the market-leading wipe in North America and has now launched in Europe. A one-step cleaner and disinfectant, the wipes are idea for controlling infection in the dental practice.

Fast, effective infection control for dental teams

OPTIM™ 1 wipes have an astonishing one-minute contact time.

What does this mean? To achieve disinfection, surfaces must remain wet for the entire contact time. A fast contact time therefore provides peace of mind that disinfection has been achieved, protecting the dental team and your patients.

Use OPTIM™ 1 wipes to clean and disinfect with confidence. They are compatible with a wide range of hard, non-porous materials, from the reception desk to clinical contact surfaces that present the highest risk of infection, for example, where contaminated instruments and gloves get placed.

For added protection, the wipes have been tested and passed for all major dental chair upholstery.

Key to OPTIM™ 1 wipes is that their speed does not compromise their efficacy. They are fast, effective and versatile. And, due to their alcohol-free formula, they offer powerful infection control that is also safe and gentle.

Environmental benefits of an alcohol-free formula

The active ingredient of OPTIM™ 1 wipes is 0.5% hydrogen peroxide. This is a compound that simply breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no residue, reducing its environmental impact. They are also supplied in type 2 recyclable containers and one wipe can cover a larger surface area that most of the competitor brands to reduce the number that you will need per cleaning session. OPTIM™ 1 wipes are an excellent-value, environmentally-friendly product with less waste.

The wipes are non-toxic and non-irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory systems. They are also free from artificial scents. You will be protecting your team, your patients and the environment while remaining fully compliant to the latest infection-control protocols.

A broad spectrum of protection

Due to the extensive coverage, many of your patients will have concerns about COVID-19, or novel coronavirus. The rapid spread of this pathogen worldwide has reinforced the need for every healthcare setting to monitor its infection control processes and to ensure that they are fully understood and adhered to by all those who work there. The new and emerging COVID-19 strain might not have been seen before in humans, but it actually belongs to a class of viruses that are easier to kill than others of concern.

Your dental practice will already be compliant with standard protocols that, when applied correctly, will prevent the spread of a host of pathogens. Good, solid basics – the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), hand hygiene and regular surface cleansing and disinfection – are the foundation of infection control. The COVID-19 outbreak simply highlights the importance of these basics being completed and regularly monitored, to protect the team and all patients.

OPTIM™ 1 wipes have the ability to protect against a range of pathogens and bacterium, including poliovirus and norovirus. When used correctly, the wipes have demonstrated their effectiveness against these extremely resistant viruses. OPTIM™ 1 can be used against COVID-19.

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Integrate OPTIM™ 1 into your protocols

Use OPTIM™ 1 wipes in between patient visits for a clean and safe practice. OPTIM™ 1 is also available as a ready-to-use liquid and larger wipes are available on request. 

OPTIM™ 1 wipes are available from SciCan, recently acquired by COLTENE, the Swiss-based company that already develops, manufactures and supplies some of most innovative tools and materials on the market.


For information about OPTIM™ 1 visit:


www.coltene.com, email info.uk@coltene.com or call 01444 235486.


Author: Mark Allen, General Manager at COLTENE

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