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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th April 2020

Dr Neil Simkin from Newtown discusses what makes the ClearCorrect aligner system his first choice for simple to moderate orthodontic cases.

ClearCorrect aligners have always been a very straightforward system to use and recent updates have only made it better. It also allows an open digital workflow, which in itself has been a massive game-changer for me. All patients are scanned during their first visit and a treatment simulation carried out. This has led to nearly 100% conversion as patients get an idea of what can be achieved before starting treatment. After this, the accuracy of the scans, as well as the reduced logistics of not sending impressions, have revolutionised the way I do dentistry. I would say, for me, the digital workflow is absolutely central to my aligner treatment.

From there, the planning process is very straightforward and easy to understand. I really like that you can assess the set up and treatment plan for the patient before incurring costs. This is a great feature for those patients who are unsure about committing to a treatment without knowing what they are going to get.

The fact that you deal directly with a technician during the process makes it very easy to ensure the treatment you want is actually what is being planned. I appreciate this personal connection with the technician as it helps you, as a clinician, to learn about what the product can (and can’t!) do from those who put your treatment plan into place. This enables more efficient planning of future treatments. The service is always very accessible and responses are prompt, actioned quickly and efficiently.

The product quality is excellent, with the recent investment from Straumann Group very evident in the manufacturing process and the new updated packaging serving to further enhance the product. Being backed by the Straumann Group instantly adds strength to the brand. The Straumann Group is a genuinely world-class company with dental innovation at the core of the business. Knowing that they have put their faith in ClearCorrect in such a big way gives me confidence in the product. Seeing the level of investment in the infrastructure to support clinicians adds further confidence.

All contact with the Straumann Group has been straightforward. Any issues raised are acknowledged and addressed, and many of the changes that have come about since the product launched are as a direct result of user feedback – both from clinicians and patients. I have always appreciated the Unlimited option as it is what it says – you get unlimited aligners and retainers for a set fee for five years. Patient expectations and demands are increasing all the time and the option to extend treatment without additional costs means it is much easier to adapt as treatment progresses. I would highly recommend the Unlimited option to others.

Over and above other aligner systems, I like the way that ClearCorrect aligners engage with the whole tooth. I feel that this makes treatment more efficient and fewer attachments are required on the teeth. The aligners, although matt in their appearance, seem more ‘invisible’ in situ than other systems, as they are less reflective. This, coupled with the fewer attachments, makes them even more appealing to patients. I have also found compliance and feedback to be great. My patients have been pleased with the results and the time taken to achieve them.

The quality of the ClearCorrect aligners, in association with the strength and support of the Straumann Group, means ClearCorrect offers a real alternative to other providers, offering choice to both clinicians and patients.


To find out how ClearCorrect could benefit you and your patients, contact the Straumann Group today. ClearCorrect is just one part of a comprehensive digital workflow, including a choice of cutting-edge intraoral scanners from 3Shape, and DenToGo – the innovative remote treatment monitoring app designed with artificial intelligence. Clinicians can rest assured that they will have access to all the support they may need to properly utilise the entire workflow from highly trained specialists who will always go the extra mile.


For more information on ClearCorrect®, visit: https://www.straumann.com/clearcorrect/en/home.html

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