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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th May 2020

Over the last few months, dental hygienist – Joanne Cregan – has had the pleasure of taking part in an exclusive product trial to learn more about the products within the new Perio Plus+ range. She shares her thoughts on the experience:   

“I was sold on these products knowing that they offer the benefits of chlorhexidine (CHX), the additional magic of a natural ingredient called CITROX®, and the tissue regenerative properties of hyaluronic acid (HA). Because I handpicked the patients that would really benefit from each of these products, the treatment outcomes did not disappoint.

“Patients found the Regenerate and Balance mouth rinses palatable and gentle on their oral tissues, with no distortion of taste after use. Encouraging patient compliance was easy with these products and as a clinician, I was delighted to find that there was little or no staining side effects after frequent use.

“The clinical benefits of Perio Plus+ were certainly noticeable, including reduced inflammation, improved tissue regeneration, and minimal staining. The patients themselves had also expressed that they experienced reduced gingival bleeding and that their gums looked less inflamed and more comfortable after the use of Perio Plus+.”

Speaking about Perio Plus+ Regenerate, Joanne says: “I tended to use this product alongside in-practice clinical detox treatment on patients with more advanced periodontitis. This mouth rinse was used twice daily for 10 days post-treatment.

“In the past, I would have avoided CHX-based treatments, purely due to the post-operative staining that these would cause. I have found that after a patient undergoes a full mouth course of non-surgical periodontal therapy, they come out having a pristine-looking mouth – the post-operative staining of traditional CHX products and therapies were discouraging for them.

“However, the natural anti-bacterial power of CITROX® and the tissue regenerative properties of HA have made Regenerate mouth rinse the perfect addition to my periodontal patients’ oral hygiene regime. This product would also be ideal as a mouth rinse to be used post-oral surgery.”

Joanne also trialled Perio Plus+ Balance mouth rinse. She says: “This product is perfect for patients who are maintaining a controlled periodontal condition or heavily restored dentition, as well as those undergoing orthodontic treatment. Balance mouth rinse offers the additional benefits of xylitol and sodium fluoride to aid caries prevention.”

Commenting on Perio Plus+ Focus gel, Joanne adds: “For the trial of this product, I selected patients that had inflammation issues associated with dental implants, dentures or the margins of crown and bridge work. We used a CS 5460 toothbrush from Curaprox to aid in the application of the gel, which worked really well.

“Curaprox as a brand impresses me. Each product from the Perio Plus+ range has been well thought through, from the chemical composition – which ensures the products remain as natural as possible – to removing potentially harmful ingredients such as alcohol and SLS. The introduction of CITROX® as a key ingredient in these products also amazes me. Who knew that the pith and pulp of a bitter orange could be so beneficial? Nature is proving to provide us with the best medicine. Well done, Curaprox!”


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