OPTIM™ 1 wipes now launching in Europe


  Posted by: Dental Design      27th May 2020

OPTIM™ 1 wipes have a contact time of ONE minute for complete confidence that disinfection has been achieved.

They have been tested and passed for all major dental chair upholstery for added protection.

Clean and disinfect in a single step. Other benefits are: a safe and non-toxic formula, compatible on all surfaces and environmentally friendly. Alcohol-free, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient, which simply breaks down into water and oxygen.

With correct use, it will protect the team and patients against a range of pathogens, including COVID-19 (coronavirus).

OPTIM™ 1 is available from SciCan, recently acquired by COLTENE.


For information about OPTIM™ 1, visit:


www.coltene.com, email info.uk@coltene.com or call 01444 235486.

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