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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st June 2020

Part of getting back to business successfully will be about fully utilising the resources you already have available. For those practices with CS R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental, this will be made easier with the support of a dedicated webinar series running throughout June.

Carestream Dental has partnered with Karen Turner of 22 Coaching and Consulting Ltd to present a 3-part webinar series. The sessions will focus on different areas of the business and explore the features of CS R4+ that will support a successful exit from lockdown and help future-proof the practice.

4th June 2pm

Webinar 1 – Communicating with your patients

The first webinar will concentrate on the diverse communication capabilities of the software. Karen will discuss the importance of keeping patients engaged and how you can utilise CS R4+ to provide the reassurance and information that they need before attending an appointment. She will also explore what the patient journey might look like and how this will differ from their experience pre-COVID. In addition, the importance of staying in touch with practice team members will be highlighted, with a wealth of advice provided to help principals support their teams.

11th June 2pm

Webinar 2 – Adjusting to the ‘new normal’

You will likely already be familiar with the phrase ‘new normal’ – but what exactly does it mean for dentistry and how will you need to adapt? Carestream Dental is here to support you in any changes or adjustments that you have to make. During this webinar, Karen will provide insight into both existing and new features of CS R4+ that you will find helpful in the weeks and months ahead. She will also discuss engaging with the team in more detail, exploring how they might be able to work from home effectively. Further still, Karen will cover what preparations you may consider for your re-opening and how you could maximise your infection control compliance.

18th June 2pm

Webinar 3 – Looking to the future

While it is crucial to focus on the here and now in order to re-open the practice doors safely and efficiently, a thought must also be given to how the business could be affected in the long-term. In the final webinar of this series, you can join Karen to postulate what that ‘new normal’ could mean for the future of your business. What role might digital technologies play? How will you manage patient expectations? How can you ensure the safety of your patients and staff moving forwards? All this will be discussed, as well as how the innovative CS R4+ software could be used to manage and optimise practice performance as business evolves.

Go back with confidence

It’s important that you, your team and your patients have the confidence to get back to dentistry in the coming weeks. Always committed to customer support, Carestream Dental is here to help and to give you the information and ideas you need to not only get the doors open, but keep them open.


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