The benefits of learning together 


  Posted by: Dental Design      8th June 2020

We all know that continuous learning is integral for dental professionals, regardless of their experience, special interests or career aspirations. Accessing the right kind of education for you is important if you are to gain the very most from it. Study clubs provide an ideal learning opportunity for many individuals across the country, with intimate group sizes and locality often making them highly focused and convenient. For anyone with an interest in the field of dental implantology, the ADI Study Clubs afford the chance to learn from and with like-minded professionals on a wide range of topics.

Why Study Clubs?

There are many benefits available when attending local study clubs, which should be considered as part of your educational planning for 2020 and beyond. They form the perfect complement to other learning you undertake like training courses and online CPD courses. Just like all of your learning, the study clubs you attend will be determined by your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Once you’ve identified the areas and topics you most wish to develop, you can use this to find the most relevant study clubs for you. Dates can also be scheduled into your PDP and your diary so that you’re prepared ahead of time for your next year of learning. So, why study clubs?

Focused learning

The benefit of attending large educational events remains unparalleled, but this cannot be replicated on a monthly basis for many busy practitioners. As such, study clubs provide much more convenient learning opportunities when looking for regular education. They are not only usually closer to home, but they also cater to a more focused learning objective. Professionals can therefore concentrate on a key subject at a time, ensuring that everything they learn is relevant to them and that their time is properly utilised.

Intimate environment

Study clubs often consist of smaller groups of professionals, which provides a more intimate learning experience. Sessions can be highly interactive and this encourages individuals to ask questions and get involved. As they are usually led by highly experienced experts in their relevant fields, study clubs are the perfect environment to refine knowledge on a certain subject.


All face-to-face educational events offer the advantage of networking, which should be celebrated and exploited by attendees. With thousands of active members across the country, ADI Study Clubs attract a broad spectrum of individuals. This offers the chance to meet lots of new people and expand your network. It also enables people to ‘put a face to a name’ and meet those they may have come across virtually or during a referral process, in person.

Gain new perspectives

Everyone is different, which means everyone has varying opinions and takes different approaches. By sharing these differences, clinicians and their teams can discover new, innovative ideas and solutions from their peers. Whether discussing clinical or non-clinical matters, gaining new perspectives is a great way of developing your knowledge and broadening your horizons. This is also conducive for debate and discussion, and may improve retention of information, further enriching the learning experience for all.

Establish a source of support

Learning alongside colleagues with similar interests means that they will understand the challenges you face in practice every day. This provides a platform to share experiences and gain advice from others that have faced similar situations. Not only might this help you overcome any difficulties, it also offers reassurance and support, which is essential for your continued growth and well-being in what can be an isolated and stressful profession.

Motivation and inspiration

In fact, it doesn’t matter what industry you work in or for how long, there will be times when you feel slightly disheartened by your profession or your current career status. However, taking the opportunity to meet with passionate colleagues could help to re-inspire you and motivate you to elevate your skills and services even further. In contrast, you might be interested in mentoring less experienced clinicians. By joining study clubs, you could therefore pass on your expertise and inspire the next generation of dental implant professionals.


Let’s not forget that it’s just as important to enjoy your learning as it is to take useful information and experiences away. Study clubs are a great way of meeting professionals local to you and they might even be combined with socialising afterwards.

Learn together

At the end of the day, group learning will enable you to improve your knowledge and skills in a dynamic and effective way. It also encourages the sharing of best practice for the advancement of standards across the profession. It doesn’t matter whether you place or restore dental implants, or if you’re thinking of getting involved in the future – ADI Study Clubs are the perfect place to start!


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