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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd June 2020

It’s no secret that dentistry has been evolving at a truly breath-taking rate over the last few years. The dental industry is echoing the rapid innovation seen as a result of the technological boom, and there are now hundreds of solutions available to professionals that can help them transform their practices.

But is your practice keeping up?

It’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments and embrace changes that the fast development of industry can bring, as this way you can always rest assured that you are offering the very pinnacle of patient care.

Treatments are changing

I won’t reiterate how far dental treatments have come throughout the whole of history, but there’s no denying that the last few decades, in particular, have absolutely transformed dentistry forever.

This transformation is mainly due to continuing advances in research, technology and products. For example, where dental implants were once a relatively obscure restorative option, today’s research into the efficacy and safety of treatments, as well as creation of multiple different types of dental implant, have meant that they are now one of the most popular ways to combat edentulism.

The same applies to all areas of dentistry, and imaging systems, practice management software and all other aspects of the profession are constantly branching out and becoming more predictable, efficient and dynamic.

As such, it’s definitely worthwhile seeing if you can modernise the way you are delivering treatment. For example, are you offering your patients aesthetic dental implants made from zirconia? What about imaging – have you upgraded to an intraoral scanner to prevent the need for traditional impression materials?

There are lots of ways to innovate the way you provide care, and keeping ahead of the curve will benefit your practice and patients equally.

Appealing to new attitudes

Patient attitudes towards dentistry are changing as fast as the industry itself. Gone are the days where people saw dentists as simply a solution to a problem, and now patients are viewing dental professionals with renewed interest and possibility.

Indeed, part of this is due to the shift of attitudes within professional circles. We no longer drill and fill, but instead have adopted a preventive approach to care. This, in turn, has led to patients exploring new aspects of dental care, and as well as heading to see the dentist when they need treatment, they also head to the dentist when they want treatment as well.

Aesthetics matter more than ever, and patients are willing to invest in procedures that return their mouths to health and a natural-looking beauty, especially if they have previously received restorative work that stands out. This focus on aesthetics is also true of those who seek treatments such as orthodontics, as more and more people are looking to straighten their smiles or receive treatments solely for aesthetic purposes.

As such, it’s a really good idea to explore whether you can introduce this mindset into your practice. Are you offering patients the most aesthetic restorative choices during treatment? Have you spoken to them about how they want their smiles to look? Modern dentistry is about forming a partnership with each patient and using this as a springboard to tailor treatments towards them more effectively.

A holistic approach 

Perhaps one of the most recent shifts in dentistry has been opening the doors to a more holistic approach towards practice management and patient care. As dentistry has evolved, it has outgrown many traditional analogue systems, and this has meant that professionals can now harness cutting-edge technology to take their practices and care, further.

Software is now available that allows professionals to use business intelligence tools to track the growth, trends and needs of their practices, while also making daily dentistry easier for staff and more dynamic for patients.

The new Care Management Platform from Carestream Dental is an ideal example. Operating a software as a service, this innovative approach to holistic care helps professionals elevate their practices into the modern era with ease. A wide selection of business tools complements practice growth and diversification, while professionals can benefit from anytime, anywhere access of patient files so that they are no longer chained to their practices when they want to work on a case.

Taking the next steps

Modern dentistry is a reactive, dynamic field that is constantly progressing. By taking the time to ensure that you are adopting new technologies and techniques, appealing to the patients of today and broadening your horizons so that you can offer a form of care that’s in line the modern face of dentistry, you can ensure that you remain at the cutting-edge.


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