‘My miracle mouth rinse’


  Posted by: Dental Design      13th July 2020

As a regular patient at Beaufort Dental Care, Marion Windsor has suffered from sore gums and painful areas in her mouth for many years. This is due to her sensitivity to certain foods and an extraction that has left an area of her mouth vulnerable to flare ups from infections.

Until recently, Marion had used traditional mouth rinses over the years. She explains why Perio Plus+ is now her go-to solution:

“Three months ago, I suffered from an extremely painful condition that radiated from an area on my lower gums, down under my jaw, and up into the side of my face. None of the usual expensive mouth rinses I used had any effect on this condition whatsoever. I was at my wit’s end as it was so painful.

“I visited my dentist, who x-rayed my mouth and diagnosed me with oral lichen planus. Fortunately for me, she had a sample of Perio Plus+ Focus mouth rinse to hand, which contains a 0.2% concentration of CHX. She advised me to use this solution as her receptionist had done so with very good results.

“Upon using Perio Plus+ Focus myself, I felt immediate relief from the pain of lichen planus and within two days, the condition cleared up completely. The results were astounding. I have since used Perio Plus+ mouth rinse on several occasions and each time, I’m amazed at how quickly the condition of my mouth settles down as a result. I call Perio Plus+ my miracle mouth rinse.”

Marion travels frequently and always ensures she packs a bottle of Perio Plus+ in her suitcase.

“This is fortunate,” she says, “as I was recently away and needed to use the mouth rinse again when I experienced another nasty flare up in my mouth. I still can’t believe how quickly this mouth rinse treats oral problems as they arise.

“I’m so impressed with Perio Plus+ that I was eager to tell Curaprox how thrilled I am with this new range of oral healthcare products. I hope other patients benefit from Perio Plus+ and achieve relief from oral problems as I now do!”

Find out how you can help patients improve their oral health today by visiting the Perio Plus+ website and exploring the complete product range.


For more information please call 01480 862084, email info@curaprox.co.uk or visit www.perioplus.com/uk

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