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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd August 2020

We all appreciate value in every area of our lives. We want to make sure that we are spending our time and money wisely, and that what we receive is equal to or greater than the investment we make. For many people, the same concept is applied to their dental care. For any services not sought under the NHS, patients expect high value in the care they receive. This does not always mean cheap, either. Where patients understand the importance of their oral health and appreciate the intricacies of the process needed to optimise their condition, they will be willing to pay for it. Whatever the size of the bill, they just want to feel that what they paid was worth it.

Never has this been more true than it will likely be for dental patients in the coming months. Recent events have had a significant impact on society, irrevocably changing the way we approach everyday tasks. Many people’s finances will have also been affected, with many facing reduced reduced earning potential for a temporary or longer-term period. The likely result is that many people will be more careful about their spending as they regain confidence in their personal situation and in the wider economy. For dentistry, this means that patients could place an even higher emphasis on value than they have done in the past.

Oral health is king

As is made clear to every patient before any dental procedure can be considered, their oral health must be optimised in order to achieve the very best results. Indeed, even those not undergoing active treatment need to understand the importance of effective oral hygiene for their dental and general wellbeing. As such, the best value of dental care will be provided if patients share the responsibility for their oral health and maintain good homecare routines. Effectively communicating what this means for each individual patient is crucial. For added value, why not consider reaching out to your patients with helpful information and guidance through something like an e-newsletter? Inexpensive for the practice, this provides an avenue to promote oral health while building relationships with patients.

Efficiency and convenience

In some cases, it might be possible for dental practices to enhance the efficiency of treatment they offer in order to deliver greater convenience than they did before. This might involve working with new products, technologies or techniques designed to speed up procedures without reducing the quality of outcomes achieved. For example, practices could decide to employ impression materials that set faster, composites that can be placed in a single increment or implant planning software that automates some of the process. Practices could better utilise skill mix among the team to make the very most of appointment times for an optimised daily schedule. Alternatively, professionals might consider introducing remote services like virtual consultations or mobile treatment monitoring to enhance the patient experience while maintaining the highest clinical standards.

Protect their investment

Another way to offer added value for patients is to help them protect their investment. For any dental treatment they might undergo, they will have dedicated both time and money to getting the results they desired. By providing the advice and support that they need to protect the outcome and enjoy the benefits for as long as possible, you can enable them to protect this investment.

Take tooth whitening as an example. Patients may soon start returning to the practice to top up their whitening – if they haven’t already – or some might be interested in a new course of treatment following extended time at home evaluating their appearance and re-ordering their priorities. Being able to provide reassurance of long-lasting results could do wonders to boost treatment acceptance. If you can find a solution for patients to implement at home, this also offers peace of mind that should similar circumstances to those experienced this year occur again in the future, patients can continue to protect their investment. The Arm & Hammer™ range of toothpastes offers a wide variety of whitening benefits. These baking soda toothpastes are clinically proven to effectively yet gently clean and whiten teeth. One of the toothpastes, Charcoal White, is a low abrasive solution that utilises the natural benefits of activated charcoal to brighten and whiten the teeth safely and effectively. The innovative formula is clinically proven to remove up to 100% more surface stains than regular toothpaste, smoothing imperfections and increasing enamel gloss for results your patients will love in just three days.

The extra mile

Dental professionals are often recognised for going the extra mile for their patients. Right now, any added value you can offer your patients will not only encourage them to proceed with treatment they want or need, but it will also enhance their loyalty. At a time when there are still many uncertainties, this will help to secure the sustainability of the practice and give the local community continued access to quality dental care.


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Maxwell O’Neill, professional educator for Waterpik

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