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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th August 2020

Make your instrument maintenance faster and more efficient than ever before with the Assistina TWIN from W&H.

The ergonomically designed solution utilises innovative oil nebulization technology to perform oil servicing of instruments in just 10 seconds. It is the first reprocessing device with two chambers, which can be used alternatively for even greater speed. 

All of this means it can reprocess up to 360 handpieces every hour – more than enough to meet the demands of even the busiest dental practice. Plus, it does so without any compromise in quality, oiling all gearing components and clean spray channels to make rotational lubrication a thing of the past.

What’s more, the Assistina TWIN is easy to use and it actively suctions aerosols with the integrated HEPA filter. Restricting aerosol inside the system reduces risk to the surgery team as residual waste is confined to the unit, preventing dispersion into the environment.

Reduce risk and optimise the efficiency of your instrument reprocessing with W&H.


To find out more visit www.wh.com/en_uk, call 01727 874990 or email office.uk@wh.com

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