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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th August 2020

Dentistry is a team sport. In order to deliver the highest quality of patient care, dental professionals need to work together. In doing so, they can combine their unique skill sets to optimise clinical standards and ensure that every patient has a positive experience.

Effective teamwork requires certain things:


To work together, professionals must be able to communicate openly, authentically and regularly. Mutual respect is crucial if everyone is to feel comfortable speaking up when they need to – it also ensures that they are really listened to. This respect is important between colleagues working within the practice and with those in management, operational and leadership teams based outside the clinic.


It could be said that those who learn together, thrive together. Continuous training and education are staples in modern dentistry, so encouraging a practice team to learn together can really help to maximise on the benefits available. This also enables clinical members of the team to better understand what their colleagues can do and how they can collaborate to provide even better patient care in the future.

Management and leadership

Like any good team, those in dentistry need strong leadership. This might come from a clinical mentor, a practice or area manager, a lead associate/principal or a CEO. It might come from a group of people. What’s important is that the leadership is clear and accessible, motivating everyone to work towards a common goal that they believe in and are passionate about.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we strive every day to deliver all of the above for everyone who works within the company.

A team to be proud of

We are proud of our teams. In recent times we have proven once again that by working together, we can overcome even the most difficult of challenges. Our practice teams have maintained the highest standards of urgent patient care despite everything going on, and they remain our greatest asset.

As we look forward, we would like to welcome more individuals who share our passion for clinical excellence and professional collaboration. We are always looking to grow and further strengthen our teams and we aim to provide a great place to work for any dentists interested in helping us during the next phase in our journey.

Why Colosseum Dental UK?

We make a series of promises to all associates who work with us. We are somewhat unique in doing so, but we do it because we want to stand by what we say – we want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Among these is a promise to help build a highly effective team in the clinic and that means ensuring you work with qualified dental nurses. We also offer a network of professionals you can turn to for support – both clinical and administrative – so you can have complete confidence and trust in the exceptional team around you.  

All of our promises are as follows:

  • We will pay you 1/12th for the first 6 months as we know it takes time to settle in
  • Excellent working facilities
  • The highest standards of clinical governance and expert support
  • Access to ongoing CPD
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Qualified dental nurses
  • Access to a wide range of consumables
  • Work with the lab of your choice (DAMAS registered)
  • Well-established patient lists
  • New Pastelli uniforms
  • Equipment repairs fixed in a day

Another of our strengths is that we really listen to what you and your team have to say. We appreciate that good collaboration means working together to continually improve our services and our facilities. Our refurbishment project last year was just one example of how we implement this on the ground, as we worked with practice teams to re-design the clinics in a way that would benefit them and their patients most. We also designed and implemented the Clinician Aid Package this year in response to the reduce earning capacity and resulting financial shortfalls that many of our clinicians faced.

Better together

As in many other industries and professions, dentistry is headed for a challenging few months. At Colosseum Dental UK, we will be maintaining our dedication to communication, training and leadership to ensure that our associates and their teams are protected. We are in it together. If that sounds like somewhere you could excel, find out about joining us today.


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Mike Clare, Chief Operating Officer

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