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  Posted by: Dental Design      11th September 2020

Crisp packets, business cards, penknives – these are just some of the weird and wonderful things that patients have admitted using to remove debris from between their teeth.

But as well as risking infection and harm to gingiva, cleaning interdentally with such items can damage the teeth and cause abrasion-based wear on the enamel.

Tooth wear can cause a host of problems, both aesthetic and functional. Using a specially designed tool to clean between the teeth will remove the optimum amount of debris gently, yet efficiently.

Tandex interdental brushes, the FLEXI™ and the PROXI™, come in a variety of sizes so are suitable for all patients. Easy to use and effective, they can fit into all the small spaces. In a variety of bold colours, they look good too. Used alongside Tandex GEL™, which contains 0.2% sodium fluoride, your patients will get a thorough, non-abrasive clean.

The FLEXI™ and PROXI™ are part of Tandex’s range of high-quality oral health products, including toothbrushes and mouthwashes. Recommend Tandex to your patients – they’ll never need reach for a credit card to clean their teeth again!


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