Long-lasting protection for dental practice surfaces


  Posted by: Dental Design      18th October 2020

Enhance your infection control protocols with Citrox® Protect – the world’s first natural, eco-safe solution that provides a 3D microbiota barrier to protect non-porous surfaces from cross-infection. Simply spray and wipe the product onto your chosen surface to benefit from up to six months of protection against contaminants.

Citrox® Protect combines silicon dioxide (SiO2) – otherwise known as “liquid glass” – with Citrox®, which is a natural anti-microbial agent extracted from citrus fruits. The SiO2 creates a barrier to prevent micro-organisms from being absorbed by treated surfaces, whilst Citrox® inhibits the growth of potentially harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

James Gilding, Managing Director of Cleaning Services at Mitie, says: “Citrox® Protect offers us a key weapon in our cleaning regime. The confidence that the product and the Citrox® brand give to our customers is a valuable part of ensuring people feel safe and secure in their working environment.”

Already protecting sites for: Mitie, ASTON MARTIN, Red Bull Racing, EUROSTAR, BICESTER VILLAGE and Sainsbury to name a few.


For more information please call 01480 862084, email info@curaprox.co.uk or visit www.curaprox.co.uk

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