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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th December 2020

The ADI Team Congress 2021 will be just that – a Congress for the entire dental team. As such, there will be educational programmes dedicated to each role involved with the delivery of dental implant treatment, including dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and therapists, dental nurses, practice managers and treatment coordinators. Leading lights from across the industry will take to the podium to share their extensive expertise and help delegates enhance their own protocols and techniques.

Among the speakers in the Team Programme will be Leanna Best, implant coordinator (ICO) and dental nurse from Clifton Dental Studio. She describes the key areas she will be exploring as part of her lecture next May.

“Many practice teams either have or are aware of the role of a treatment coordinator, how that role fits into the dental practice and the rewards it can provide. However, very few are aware of the ICO role and its benefits. Practices that carry out a lot of dental implant treatment could gain many advantages by creating this role within their team.

“The aim of my session is, therefore, to provide delegates with a greater knowledge and understanding of what the role consists of and how best to utilise an ICO within the dental practice. I will provide details regarding their responsibilities and who is best suited to the role, as well as the benefits afforded to patients and the dental team. I will also explore the systems that drive the role, which complement the running of the practice.”

One of the key benefits of an ICO role, as Leanna will emphasise during her lecture, is the impact it has on the patient experience. Leanna explains:

“Dental implant treatment is usually a staged process, which can take significant time from start to finish. For some patients, this treatment journey may not be complete for a number of months or even years. In addition, as all treatment is bespoke to the individual, every patient will experience a slightly different journey. For the dental team, that might mean booking appointments at varying intervals or ordering materials at different times in the treatment process, and managing the patient’s expectations accordingly. Other members of the team are already very busy and for them to manage all their patients’ journeys and communicate with them between appointments can be difficult, if not impossible. If you have an individual that is solely responsible for the entire umbrella of treatment, monitoring and managing the journey for patients, everything else becomes more seamless. A consequence of allocating this aspect of patient care is that it makes best practice possible – the dentist will have two dental nurses, where appropriate, for patient appointments.

“In my session, I will explain in vast detail the practical systems to put into action that encourage a successful ICO role. These systems can be modified for persons already in this role or implemented by practices looking to take advantage of having an implant coordinator on their team.”

Aside from having dedicated lectures for DCPs at the ADI Team Congress 2021, there will also be sessions for combined audiences. The aim of these is to facilitate collaboration between team members and highlight the benefits of working together to discuss challenges and find viable solutions. Commenting on this opportunity for delegates to attend combined lectures, Leanna says:

“Having combined team sessions means that delegates who are lucky enough to attend the Congress, will obtain lots of knowledge to help them grow – whether that be individually or as a team. I think it will encourage everyone to get the very best out of their roles and we will be able to gain new ideas and guidance to take back into the practice and put into motion. I feel that it is easy to look past possibilities when you are at work in the practice every day, but seeing things through someone else’s eyes, hearing different ideas and gaining new experiences, resets the mind to explore alternative options. Though I haven’t attended the ADI Team Congress before, I am happy to be working with Horton Consulting to attend the 2021 event and I am very excited to be going!”

To update your knowledge on the latest techniques, materials and concepts in dental implantology – no matter what role you play in the practice – don’t miss the ADI Team Congress 2021.


ADI Team Congress 2021

“The Great Debate”

6-8 May 2021, Manchester Central


ADI members will be able to attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates. Find out more and join today

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