Appreciation and praise for dental nurses


  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd December 2020

As Colosseum Dental UK, we have nothing but appreciation and praise for our dental nurses who have kept dental clinics operating through a really difficult time. We are proud to work with such amazing individuals and we are doing whatever we can to show how much we value our dental nurses’ dedication.

That’s why the Year of the Dental Nurse saw changes to the pay structure, with pay increases and total equality among age groups. We cover the training needed to gain additional skills that benefit the clinic and our patients, and then pay dental nurses more once they’re qualified.

This year, we have also introduced new, more comfortable Pastelli uniforms and extended annual leave entitlement for long-standing staff, all in response to feedback from our dental nurses. You spoke. We listened. We acted.

To really be appreciated for your hard work, join the family at Colosseum Dental UK.


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