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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th January 2021

These might be uncertain times for the UK, but a positive attitude and proactive approach remain essential for all businesses. In dentistry, we continue to face new challenges as we adapt to the latest guidelines from Government and regulatory bodies. As we find a new path forwards, it’s important to consider the past, present and future.

The past

While we don’t like to dwell on the past, we do want to learn from it. At Colosseum Dental UK, we are constantly reflecting on our actions and our services to see what we have been doing successfully and where we could improve. We rely on regular feedback from all our practice team members to guide changes to the way we do things – both creating a great place to work for professionals and ensuring an exceptional patient experience in all of our clinics. To facilitate this exchange, we maintain open channels of communication at all times and actively encourage our clinicians to contact their managers or the leadership team with any concerns or suggestions. This makes it possible to review programmes we have run in the past and determine what to offer moving forward.

The present

Despite everything going on, the delivery of excellent dental treatment has remained a priority for Colosseum Dental UK. We ensure a choice of quality materials and technologies are available in our clinics for dentists to utilise in their patient care. It is just as important to us that we support our clinicians in their day-to-day lives, so there is always someone on hand to offer clinical or administrative guidance when needed. We also provide access to on-going education and training to help all our associates develop their skills. Not only does this ensure superior, evidence-based clinical procedures for patients, but it also gives every individual the chance to expand their capabilities and advance in their career.

We are not afraid of change at Colosseum Dental UK. In fact, we wholeheartedly embrace adjustments that will further improve the working environment or our patient care. We have an intentionally small leadership team to keep us agile and allow us to respond rapidly to requests from our people, as well as the wider situation as it evolves. We don’t just follow the crowd – we aim to lead it.

The future

With all this in mind, we always have an eye on the future. We are backed by long-term investors, which provides the stability we need to build a prosperous future for the business and for our clinicians. To this end, we have never stopped investing. We invest in our people with equipment, facilities and training, while we invest in the business by acquiring new clinics and growing our family. Even at a time when many dental providers paused their expansion and pulled back, we were able to keep moving. 2021 will likely be no different for us, as we continue to invest in every part of the company and build a bright future for our people and our patients.

Our promise

Like many other aspects of the business, we have adapted the promises we make to our clinicians in order to better suit the circumstances faced, without losing the core of what we believe in. As such, we are now promising all our clinicians:

  • 100% guaranteed income (until March 2021), in return for providing a flexible working pattern to ensure all patients are cared for
  • Excellent working facilities
  • The highest standards of clinical governance and expert support
  • Access to ongoing CPD
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Qualified dental nurses
  • Access to a wide range of consumables
  • Work with the lab of your choice (DAMAS registered)
  • Well-established patient lists
  • New Pastelli uniforms
  • Equipment fixed in a day

To build a stable future for yourself that is full of support, learning and opportunities, join Colosseum Dental UK.


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