Why should you invest in a Washer Disinfector?


  Posted by: Dental Design      18th January 2021

Infection control is understandably a hot topic. With the threats of the ongoing pandemic, as well as the usual seasonal illnesses to contend with during the colder months, it’s vital that infection control remains a top priority.

So, you may have bought the best cleaning products, but have you considered investing in a Washer Disinfector unit? These systems are not only an exceptional way to enhance your infection control procedures, but they also come with a host of other benefits that can help practices achieve best practice.

Next level protection

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of Washer Disinfectors is that they provide an exceptional standard of cleaning and disinfection for your instruments. After treatment, it’s essential that reusable instruments are cleaned properly, but doing this by hand leaves margin for error. With a Washer Disinfector you can guarantee that all your contaminated instruments are being effectively cleaned and disinfected to a validated standard, safe to be inspected and sterilised in your autoclave.

Furthermore, as Washer Disinfectors use specific detergents, this process can also help to preserve instruments and guard them from degradation and wear that hand washing can cause over time.

Safety matters!

Hand washing instruments comes with a number of potential risks. Not only does cleaning instruments in this way leave people open to potential sharps injury, but the risk of infections being passed on to people during this process is much higher in comparison to using a Washer Disinfector.

If someone has a sharps injury, there is a chance that any infectious diseases that the patient was carrying could be transmitted. While the majority of these infections are not likely to be anything to worry about, some bloodborne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C can have very serious health implications.

Time-saving efficiency

In dentistry, time is of a premium. In a busy practice this means that hand washing instruments is unlikely to be the most efficient way forward.

Washer Disinfector units often have cycles which are only an hour long and can hold a vast number of instruments, streamlining the process so that the time spent hand washing can be put to better use. Furthermore, the majority of Washer Disinfectors have drying cycles, meaning that instruments are ready to be inspected and transferred to your autoclave straight away.

Keep record, keep protected 

Another benefit of Washer Disinfectors is that they have features enabling you to obtain traceability of all your cycles. This ensures you keep a validated record for whenever you may need to view or revisit them.

These records are usually automatically stored and are a stress-free way of making sure you are keeping on top of your infection control procedures.

Things to consider

Washer Disinfectors come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so the right one for you depends on your instrument throughput and the space available.

Eschmann has two types of Washer Disinfectors available to suit the needs of any practice, the Miele PG8581 Underbench Washer Disinfector and the Hydrim C61 WD Benchtop Washer Disinfector.

The Miele PG8581 Underbench Washer Disinfector, with a capacity to hold 360 instruments per cycle, is ideally suited to practices that require a unit to cope with a higher demand.  

On the other hand, practices with less instrument throughput should consider the Hydrim C61 WD Benchtop Washer Disinfector, a smaller unit that still has a capacity of 120 instruments per cycle that can easily fit into practices where space is limited.

Both Washer Disinfectors supplied by Eschmann provide fast, real-time recorded cycles that help increase efficiency and safety.

An important investment

As you can see, Washer Disinfectors can be utilised to benefit your practice in many ways. These systems are not only an extra safety precaution in terms of infection control, but they also work with your team to ensure fast, safe cleaning and disinfection of instruments, increasing efficiency and streamlining your practice.


For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of decontamination equipment and products from Eschmann, please visit www.eschmann.co.uk or call 01903 875787

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