Introducing Polydentia Quickmat Sectional Matrices from J&S Davis

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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th March 2021

Among the many cutting-edge solutions available through J&S Davis is the industry-leading range of sectional matrices from Swiss manufacturer Polydentia.

These include the Quickmat Sectional Matrices designed, in particular, for Class II restorations. The contoured matrices are made from very thin steel (0.025mm and 0.04mm) and are anatomically-shaped to ensure excellent contact surfaces in an array of clinical indications. They also come with silicone Delta Tubes, which further boost matrix retention and adaption to the tooth for greater accuracy and predictability.

Optimising quality, flexibility and cost, the Quickmat Sectional Matrices from Polydentia are a no-brainer for restorative dentists. Find out more from J&S Davis today.


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