LM Dark Diamond for elevated restorations

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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th March 2021

 LM Dark Diamond coated instruments have a non-stick coating for the easy placement and contouring of composite resins.

LM is always looking for ways to push boundaries and make life easier – with Dark Diamond the diamond-like coating means that efficiency as well as precision will be optimised.

Other features:

  • A hard, smooth surface that is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant
  • Maximum contrast against the filling and minimal reflections
  • An ErgoSense handle – LM has always been a pioneer in ergonomics.

LM Dark Diamond instruments are available from J&S Davis, the distributor of high-quality dental products. Contact the team direct or your preferred dental dealer for more information.


Find out more today by visiting www.js-davis.co.uk, calling 01438 747 344 or emailing jsdsales@js-davis.co.uk!

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