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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th April 2021

There are many people who dream of a more flexible working life – one that enables them to better accommodate all their commitments. It’s not always simply about working less, but rather, it’s about working around other priorities like family, hobbies and other personal interests. In some cases, the opportunity to be more flexible with work actually enables individuals to work and earn more, giving them and anyone who depends on them a higher quality of life.

This is all perfectly applicable to dental nurses in the modern profession. Your role is essential within the practice, though it can be very demanding with many tasks to complete each day. Being able to work through these without distractions and the worry of anything from childcare challenges to the health of a family member is crucial, both for the quality of your work and your mental wellbeing.

Of course, flexible working is possible when you work in a locum capacity – you can better choose your own hours. You also benefit from experience in different dental clinics, with different teams and using various products or technologies. For some people, this variety can really enhance job satisfaction. However, potential disadvantages include unpredictable work availability, increased travel and very little job security should dental clinics need to streamline their processes or expenses.

The question, therefore, is how do you get the best of both worlds? Can you have flexible working with income security and job variety?

At Colosseum Dental UK, we care more about our people and about catering to their needs. We approached the idea of greater work flexibility and come up with a brand-new type of role specifically for dental nurses. It has been designed to bridge the gap between locum and full-time work, offering all of the advantages without any of the risks.

Essentially, it is an employed contract for dental nurses, but with an innovative structure that enables individuals to access much more flexibility. It also means that dental nurses in these roles can visit different dental clinics within their local areas. In doing so, you can broaden your skills by working alongside a number of practice teams, gaining experience with different patient groups and developing new skills as you utilise the materials and technologies in each.

There is even the added advantage of less travelling than you might be required to do for locum work. Colosseum Dental UK has an extensive – and always growing – network of clinics in the UK, so you’ll know from the start which will be within your catchment area.

One of the greatest benefits of this role is that you are employed. That means job security and income guaranteed for as long as you work with Colosseum Dental UK, giving you and your family total peace of mind. As an employee, you will also qualify for employee benefits like your GDC registration fees covered, indemnity provided and you’ll be enrolled on a pension scheme.

Benefits summary:

  • Flexible hours
  • Greater variety from working in different clinics in your area
  • Job security – you’re employed
  • Employee benefits like GDC registration fees covered, indemnity and a pension
  • Comprehensive training
  • Career development
  • A bonus scheme to top up salaries when you work more shifts

To make the very most of this type of role and to successfully enjoy the benefits available, you’ll need to be a fully qualified dental nurse with an up-to-date GDC registration, DBS check and all your immunisations. At least 6 months working as a dental nurse in clinic and experience with CS R4+ practice management systems would be ideal. A passion for clinical excellent, exceptional patient care and effective teamwork is essential.

Your duties would be diverse, from assisting the dentist and/or practice manager with clinical aspects of dentistry to maintaining compliance standards. You might also be involved with the maintenance of infection control protocols, equipment and material stock, performing all responsibilities in-line with the Code of Ethics outlined by the Association of Dental Nurses and the GDC.

If this sounds like the perfect next role for you, contact our friendly team to see if you can start enjoying the very best of flexible working.


For more details or to apply, contact our friendly team on 07702 846 819 or via email at or visit

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