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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd June 2021

A reason for this anxiety can be the fear of pain from sensitive teeth during their hygiene appointment. This can be a barrier to dental care as those who suffer with the pain of sensitive teeth may be less likely to make or attend a dental hygiene appointment.

Every DH/DT has patients who present with sensitive teeth who can be a challenge to treat as they are often tense and anxious, and present with statements like “Don’t touch that tooth! Don’t use that machine, can’t you warm up the water? Can you numb me up? Do you have to blow air on my teeth?”. This in turn can create a stressful appointment for not only the patient but also the DH/DT, as they need to focus on patients’ needs whilst balancing a busy schedule and cope with the physical demands of the job. How can this cycle be broken?



The aim of any DH/DT is to create a comfortable appointment for their patients. This can be achieved by addressing the pain of dentine hypersensitivity during treatment in a different way. Providing non- invasive personalised care may remove the need for a more invasive pain control management. Therefore, it is essential to be able to recommend an effective treatment for dentine hypersensitivity both to use within surgery prior to treatment and for use at home.

Colgate® SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief provides instant* and long-lasting§ relief from the pain of sensitive teeth.1,2 It is readily available and can help prevent pain from sensitivity by rubbing it into sensitive areas for 1 minute prior to any treatment.3

By massaging Colgate® SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief onto the sensitive areas of the patients’ teeth prior to professional mechanical plaque removal you can help reduce pain due to sensitivity making your patient more comfortable during treatment.

By sharing what you are doing and why with your patient, they will be more relaxed leading to an easier appointment without the need to stop due to the discomfort from sensitive teeth.

Talk to the patient about modifying their behaviour to help prevent DHS and recommend using Colgate® SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief as part of their daily homecare routine for long-term2,§ sensitivity relief.

Providing a more comfortable hygiene appointment can increase confidence, build trust, and create grateful patients and fanatic followers for life.

At the end of a long busy day a happy patient equals a happy DH/DT – that’s a win win.

Apply chairside and recommend Colgate® SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief with PRO-ARGIN technology

*for instant relief, apply as directed to the sensitive tooth and directly massage for 1 minute.

§ Lasting relief with 2x daily continued brushing.

† T&Cs apply.


1. Nathoo S et al. J Clin Dent 2009; 20 (Spec Iss): 123-130. 2. Docimo R et al. J Clin Dent 2009; 20 (Spec Iss): 17-22. 3. Ayad F, et al. Am J Dent 2018;31:135-140

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