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  Posted by: The Probe      7th June 2021

Finding the right place to work and grow is important. Maleeha Shahas, dental hygienist at Beckton Dental Clinic, discusses what initially appealed to her about Colosseum Dental UK:

“It was Colosseum Dental’s vision that most attracted me to the organisation in the first place. The focus on forward thinking dentistry and making use of the most up-to-date learning has really impressed me – in Colosseum I have found a company that shares my passion.” 

Since joining the organisation, Maleeha has been particularly satisfied with the support that has been available to her. She says:

“Colosseum supports its clinics with the newest developments in dentistry. The management team contacts all the dental hygienists to enquire about our individual needs and if we need any support with regards to training or mentoring in specialist treatments to provide better results for patients. There has been amazing support for career advancement and growth within the company.

“In fact, they really take an interest in our personal career goals and are there to support us as we grow professionally. The management and leadership teams encourage us to outline a career path and then provides opportunities like job training, mentoring or advanced courses to help us develop our skills for a long and successful future within the company. They provide learning like no one I have experienced, encouraging individuals to be ambitious with new knowledge and skills.”

Part of the philosophy at Colosseum Dental UK is collaboration with our people – we care more about what they think and we actively encourage every individual throughout the business to share their ideas and suggestions.  

“Colosseum has always valued feedback,” adds Maleeha. “We can voice our opinions and they are always heard and respected, plus, there is always mutual communication between management and practice teams.”

Of course, any dental clinic is only as good as the people within it. At Colosseum Dental UK, we care more about our people and about creating the best possible working environment for them. As part of our goal to maintain a Great Place to Work, we aim to cultivate a productive, supportive and friendly atmosphere throughout our clinics. About the practice she works at, Maleeha comments:“I haven very lucky to work in an amazing clinic, with a very happy working environment. We have a very strong supportive culture within our clinic, which makes our work meaningful. Even on the busiest or toughest days, there is always that helping hand or emotional support to help everyone overcome the challenges. We always make sure to have a little ‘our time’, whether that’s a quick chat with a cup of tea or during lunch, even on a very fast paced day. The company helps us to create a very heathy environment in the clinic by occasionally treating us with staff lunch or goody bags, giving some fun time to build personal connections with our colleagues.”

We are just as committed to recognising and celebrating the hard work and achievements of our people. Whether done directly through area or practice managers or during our annual company-wide awards ceremony (which was virtual this year), we aim to highlight those people that really go above and beyond for their patients and colleagues.

“Colosseum Dental always recognises and values the passion of its teams,” adds Maleeha. “Having the job that I love and working for such a great company has always been uplifting for me. Colosseum makes time for individuals in its clinics and I have always felt that my voice is heard and I am cared about.”

Whether you’re a dental hygienist, dental nurse or dentist, Colosseum Dental UK offers various opportunities to find a new role, take on a new challenge and develop your career within a supportive environment. To find out more, visit the website today.


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