GC Initial IQ ONE SQIN – the new paintable colour-and-form ceramic system

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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th June 2021

The GC Initial full range dental ceramic system speeds up laboratory workflow with a new and highly aesthetic, paintable colour-and-form ceramic system.

Laboratories, dentists and patients all have increasing aesthetic expectations and GC has met and exceeded those expectations with Initial IQ ONE SQIN which facilitates the design of highly aesthetic posterior restorations made from lithium disilicate or zirconia, avoiding cumbersome and time-consuming layering techniques. It is also suitable for the anterior region, thanks to an efficient and easy-to-apply approach.

Based on the GC Initial “IQ philosophy”, Initial IQ ONE SQIN consists of different perfectly adapted ceramic materials, assuring efficient and outstanding aesthetic finishing of single monolithic and buccally reduced restorations that compare favourably to the aesthetic result of conventionally layered restorations.

For full monolithics, the new Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE feldspar-based 3D paint-on ceramic adds colour depth and lifelike translucency with a genuinely natural glaze. The inherent fluorescence helps to fine-tune and boost the overall fluorescence of every monolithic restoration.

For buccally reduced monolithics, Lustre Pastes ONE can be used as a colour and individualisation layer and to ensure a perfect connection firing before application of the new SQIN ceramics in the micro-layering technique. The SQIN ceramic is easily applied in a thin layer of 0.1–0.6 mm over the painted and fired Lustre Pastes ONE surface. Thanks to the refined mixture of feldspar-based glasses, a lifelike 3D-effect is created, resulting in colour depth and lifelike translucency. The system’s unique application and modelling properties also facilitate individual surface texturing, with self-glazing properties.

The unique Initial IQ ONE SQIN concept ticks all the boxes:

  • Create form and fine texture details in the wet stage – no changes after firing
  • Self-glazing properties – get a beautiful glazed finish in one single firing
  • Optimal fluorescence level – ensures the look of natural teeth under all light conditions
  • Maximal aesthetics within a micro-layer
  • For all zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations

For more information on GC Initial IQ ONE SQIN contact GC UK Ltd on 01908 218999, email info.uk@gc.dental or visit europe.gc.dental/products/initialiqonesqin

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