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  Posted by: The Probe      28th June 2021

“LM Perio instruments provide the quality I need to do my job effectively as a dental hygienist and therapist, which in turn leads to a better patient experience.”

Amy Hayes, a dental hygienist and therapist from Warwickshire, has used the LM Perio instruments for the past 14 years. She continues:

“I have stayed with this brand for so long for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, they are very high-quality instruments that do their job effectively.

“The handles are the next biggest draw. They are comfortable, ergonomic and long-lasting – even 10 years later they don’t discolour, chip or look tired, like other products can. They don’t break easily and patients can see that we use quality products.

“In addition, the range of instruments offers everything I need – I needn’t go elsewhere for any reason.

“We order our LM Perio instruments through J&S Davis, who have been absolutely fantastic. Some of the other equipment suppliers have taken advantage of the pandemic and increased prices. However, J&S Davis has not – they have even offered discounts and special offers to help us purchase the equipment we need now more than ever before. They have only made life easier for us and this is truly appreciated.”


For more information on the industry-leading products available from J&S Davis, visit www.js-davis.co.uk, call 01438 747 344 or email jsdsales@js-davis.co.uk

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