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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th August 2021

Amie Holder-Soares is a dental hygienist from Cambridge who often uses Straumann® Emdogain® to support periodontal regeneration and healing for her patients. She discusses what she likes most about this particular material:

“It is highly beneficial to be able to induce all periodontal tissues. It is also incredible to support bone regeneration, which makes this an amazing treatment to perform for patients. Straumann® Emdogain® helps to reduce pain and inflammation experienced by the patient after NSPT, meaning that the healing process is accelerated. This also reduces recovery time for the patient and optimises comfort. 

“It’s very easy to administer – super straightforward – doesn’t take long to place and delivers results. In relation to other solutions, there is no comparison.

“I absolutely think that more dental hygienists would benefit from using it in practice. I introduced it to my work because a periodontal specialist returned one of my referrals explaining that I could treat the case myself with Straumann® Emdogain®. He put me in touch with the Straumann® representative and the rest is history. It’s still great to have support from a specialist and I do generally ask for an opinion before starting a patient on the Emdogain® journey.

“In addition, the customer service from Straumann® has been second-to-none. Tara has been great and for my first procedure she was on hand to guide me through the steps. Marketing materials are also readily available, which is another advantage.”

To in find out more about how Straumann® Emdogain® could enhance your periodontal therapies and improve your patients’ experiences of treatment, visit the website or contact your local representative today.


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