‘Doctor A’ launches YouTube channel and ‘dentaltainment’ series


  Posted by: Dental Design      15th September 2021

Doctor Ahmad Nounu – aka ‘Doctor A’ – has launched a YouTube channel featuring a series of absorbing ‘dentaltainment’ programmes – some to educate his peers, others his patients, and all in a highly engaging manner. According to Doctor A, education doesn’t have to be dry or serious. In fact, he says, the more engaging it is, the more we absorb.

“I initially set up my YouTube channel to broadcast a series called ’90 Day Dental’, which is essentially a conversation show with a highly respected thought-leading dental professional making guest appearances on every episode,” says Dr A. Then, because I believe that we need to arm consumers with the right information and dispel the myths perpetuated (particularly on social media), I created a patient-focused help series called ‘5 Minutes with Doctor A’.

“Now I have exciting plans to announce for my new series. I am planning to launch a ‘dentaltainment’ series which combines amusing and relatable takes on recognisable dental scenarios which occur daily in our practices, along with a section where we digest topical dental news, and discuss uncommonly discussed dental topics. It is planned that future series will feature sofa chats with recognised key opinion leaders. The new show will be launched in January 2022 and there will be five, 20-minute-long episodes in series one. Who says education has to be boring (or conventional)?  

“To create these shows, I have set up my own production facility and four-person studio/crew to ensure that all the content we create is compelling and has the highest production values.”

To tune in please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9XlvvPRDpQ – 

My inspirations and how I hope to inspire others

Doctor A continues: “We all start with aspirations and dreams early in our careers, and I think we should consider ourselves very lucky that our profession really gives us scope to expand our horizons and thrive in so many different directions. The world of dentistry boasts a wealth of high calibre professionals who help us get ahead of the game and offer outstanding clinical content. I would not be the dentist I am today without the following doctors in the profession: Chris Orr, Frank Spear, Michael Apa, Ross Hobson, to name just a few…

“Although I am still young, I already own two practices and have a passion for aesthetic dentistry, primarily focusing on implants, clear aligner orthodontics and tooth whitening. I have been honoured to win numerous awards and was singled out in Private Dentistry Magazine’s Elite Top 20 dentists. I am also a Platinum Invisalign provider – a feat I achieved from a standing start in two years.

“Dentistry is evolving at a faster pace in the last couple of years than ever before, so for me, constantly improving my skills has been all the more important. I have undertaken numerous advanced courses in cosmetic, restorative and comprehensive orthodontic techniques and feel confident as a Smile Designer.

“So now I have started to give something back to the profession and share my learning and, I hope, my expertise. I have been lecturing on the topics of whitening, minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and soft tissue laser dentistry in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. I have also served on the committee for the exclusive British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and am founding chairman and driving force behind the Young Dentist Group of the South Western Branch of the British Dental Association.

As well as logging onto my YouTube channel, please also join me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/doctorahmad_n/?hl=en

Here you can see for yourself how you can gain from what I have learnt and see what my next ‘dentaltainment’ series is all about.

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